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Football Soccer Facts

FOOTBALL SOCCER. Facts The Modern football soccer The name Soccer was coined by Charles Foreword Brown, slang for was organized in 1862 England Football Association. Today the game is called "Football" in United Kingdom, the Spanish and Portuguese speakers called "Football". Only the U.S.A. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some region of Ireland called Soccer The goalkeeper is the only one Vs allow to touch and catch the ball with his hands to stop the ball from entering the goal area. Each team have: The rest of the Players can: 1 Goalkeeper 3 Strikers 3 Defenders 4 Mid-Fielder Z Team of 11 players compete to score the most GOALS! But can't use Hands oГ Arms Use feet Use Chest Use Head Use Torso 3 Referee enforce the 17 Rules that govern the game and time Is the 105 duration of Minutes the game 28" piametera Its the official ball size 2 Forty-five minutes period, interval of 15 minutes break Referee use Yellow or Red cards to: 120 x 80 Yards Its the Official Venue Warn Expel player from game or Fine player 250 N 200 Plays Soccer Million Countries 20 Governing Bodies IFAB:// International Football Association Board Formed in England 1882, set the rules and enforcement of the games worldwide. e most popular sport in t FIFA:// Fédération Internationale de Football Association Formed in Paris 1904, organizes a world cup every four years. Adhere to the rules of IF-AB. $1.185 Are paid every year Billion to professional players The first FIFI world cup was held in Uruguay 1930, and the earliest in South Africa 2010, the next upcoming world cup will be in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Source: FIFA & IFAB Designed by: Herman Cerrato IPHOM Considered the

Football Soccer Facts

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A brief facts and history of the soccer game. Facts of the most important aspects of the sport.


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