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Fishermen Old and New: Which One are You?

FISHERMEN OLD&NEW WHICHONE ARE YOU? Handmade split cane, antique heirloom Ancestral fly pattern Ifit isn't Harris tweed it's just not cricket FERGUS THE FLY FISHERMAN Hip flask. Peaty single malt - a wee dram keeps out the cold Terribly excited by insects and devoted to single malt whisky, the tweedy fly fisherman is to be found waist-deep in the river. Cheerful whatever the weather, the fly fisherman is tough as old waders. If you encounter one, you're probably on private property and he probably owns it. NASA made his jacket Drone for the aerial shots NASA made his rod too - but The best hand tied-flies not his GoPro XAVIER THE NEW FLY GUY This fly fishing 'dude' steals a weekend from his big bucks city job and he wants results. Dressed like a Bear Grylls of the river bank with all of the latest gore-tex gear, he digitally captures all of his fish to show off on social media. Next time he plans to fully Red Bull energy drink submerge, for the perfect underwater 'fisheye' footage in 1080p. Flat cap with everything He got his pole, tackle box and floats for a tenner at a car boot sale COLIN THE OLD COARSE CHAP When the missus gets on his nerves, Colin heads for the cut. Happiness is a flask of wriggling maggots, a full tackle box and his trusty pole. A good fish is something to tell the lads at work. Either way, it's a bit of peace and quiet in a world that's got too noisy. His keep net was a Christmas present from his wife Whatever bait he can sneak out of his wife's kitchen - plus maggots Camouflage topped with a matching beanie A tin of Tetley Bitter WAYNE THE CARPER Anyone for a Pot His camo gear makes the coarse fisherman invisible, apart from the steam rising from his Pot Noodle. He's here to unwind, so if you want to chat bring a four pack to share. Comes with baggage - usually a wheelbarrow full. Noodle? OARP Enough equipment for a small army. Coarse anglers like to keep their options open Brilliant bag of boilies and a tin of Spam A four pack of lager - 'nuff to share Stout boat rod, big reel, monofilament stronger than an anchor chain CAPTAIN BILL THE SEA ANGLER A fishy whiff, a flock of seagulls clamouring overhead, a brown-faced figure in woollen jumper and sea boots? You've found yourself a sea angler. Happiest bobbing about on a boat, feed him some rum and watch as his catch gets bigger and bigger. Classic fisherman's jumper, suitable for all seasons Dark, rich rum Rag or lug dug at low tide, me 'andsome SWEET MARY Accessories include parrot, pipe and pot (lobster) Headtorch for late evenings If it ain't BARRY high-vis he won't wear it: THE BEACHCASTER When not working, Barry heads down the beach with his beachcaster and a can of cider. Despite his wife's entreaties, there's always ragworm in the fridge. Summer and winter, Barry lives in his high-vis jacket and wellies. Always willing to chat, Barry loves talking about fish. Can of cider on the beach Tripod - he needs his hands free to bling up his flattie rigs Mackerel strip and ragworm cocktail. Works every time From which bank do you fish? Fishtec For more information visit:

Fishermen Old and New: Which One are You?

shared by fishtec on Aug 09
Fisherman old or fisherman new? Which “specimen” angler best describes you? Take a look at our fun fishing stereotypes to see where you fit into the fishing fraternity.






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