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Ferrari F1

ly ai ui doipi The daring of Fomuta One, the Italan manufacturers i y aaiaui galy is synonymous with glamour and glory. The oldest ey have been kail sin ual aa diailiciag panai designing and buicing the very best race cars since ple aistela a.1950 pla a the inaugural grand prix in 1950. Founded by Enzo sadalliaaig 1929 Ferrari in 1929, motorsport greats such as Alberto w.a i paing Ascan, Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda and the dd ilagsjsaaly ly irepressible Michael Schumacher have al donned yi an aai aa the famous red racing oclours. It is Schumacher who tin making Ferrari statisticaly the most suocessful team in F history, with five of their 15 drivers' titles suppled by 205 219 177 223 ستیناتو درمينيكالي 108 80 52 مراكز علد بداية السياق 194 197 154 98 58 51 Team pincipal Statano Domenica i laadaisi daioi pail active team in the sport today, th 61 La 1950-2010: Stats 11n 1am to 31 8th 12m Maranolo, oy 122 50 95 225 215 60 83 140 204 107 66 deiai gia ni ail has perhaps played the biggest part in Seasons Orivrs Engre tulders the legendary Geman. 10h to 31st 9h 2nd 1st Säabiall äsual io slg anu ja Whois behrd that colourtul very السجل التاريخي في فورمولا واند HISTORICAL RECORD IN F1 Ferrari Cloglaal فيراري Mobl Jonn Sutoe Suolya 00 ১ Men anem DANKING AN TRANGPORT Erad Aoys Jody Scholeor Santander, Modda 00 Lum MinuelFardo اسم الفريق بالكامل: سكوديريا فيراري مارلبورو Ful team rame: SCUDERIA FERRARI MARLBORO Bombe Fat. CMR SK فيليب ماسا Felipe Massa, «2> O úgäilull THE DRIVERS elmand ii The exporienced Massa and doubie word chompion lipgts d The roor (1) s now 20-22om 22-20 g longer. aa too is the i whoelea giving soacO g laa al A for the lorger tuel torik. As sbet pip pai o season dovolopa, Forari aj a doigned their own version Oy of Mclaren's in at the bock yNJi ofthe arbox Jat 25 i الموالكز النحانية الشنة الانمون Frayror posten (Donstuctor an Bocouse the tank has aia ja Jaalayi been ertarged to a Jäpi cary more tuel, the a engine is moed back ond the goorbox cpducod in sian. hadapi lpta Alonso ae a taented and ala determinod dao who disias iaa um for the dRace yilail Firat postor e000osose00 uma 262003 F10 katng la 2010 PERFORMANCE gll champiorahip. -O2010 00s0oee ran 12-1 السيارة الترتيب الن 02 133 J. 2009 eai ماوئيلو يفكر من الأن في ecoseooe00os y 20os 00 ocoe0000 s Cons 11-1306 F1 races 2000 المحرك 2009 THE CAR Sand diliall Engine: Typec Ferari C56 Va 11 Even as fera wore vworking on the 2009 COMPETITONS 10 vins 26 158 modal, the Maranelo Santander AMD toom wore thinking about how to improve the car for this season ay20m 0e00000o0co0see 0w Gormary 23asor 83 win Elraces ODoooDoo0 ooo Srgaceno 4609 D00ooo0oe000000O 3000 e c00o6en00000000 Baa 6-071105-Cr Santand Santander فرناندو ألونسو Fernando Alonso التكنولوجيا TECHNOLOGY MUBADALA (3 > pial 2h da Janip The exhaunt has been Jipan iga a modted twice, and the ngine mounted at an angle of 3.5 degrees Yom s trontal side. to improve the performance of the cituser الناشر THE DIFFUSER Mchol Schurachor Km Rakornan i l datay Nogatve pressuro at isai the back of the car i ie ooeloranes undonoath to create a vaouum offoct that sucks the cor to the ground dgai alag The dituser helps Oeru move the air de paey e trepped between a tho car and the ground rapdy to the ear «4 > 2000 yiha Asmal tonguar in in front of Jiai ndaa nesoecoos has boen tmee to A n JJLA better dinoct the airfow. A larger Jilu di d radator yout, 10 hancle the dewilontrdd addtonal heut wthn th lower and moro enclosod chassis, has also boon impemented. arao10 ca010 Sentander ier nont wre äui Ssail Main changes Car tae الميكل الأماعي والخلفي السيارة بدواقي ۵9 توان ipiitialäegaas 2010 JXA through 2010 ni pi say Anohoust blowndtaor works as the airtow from plat l kua e-gi Tre car providos another iti l la vo of compettion tor Fonars ocho (5 > iaianpll dodcatod technicans, wo have not من مشدعة السياوة إلي فسفل Fduct silyiiaial pha pan Tho nose cono has a pointod ip. ua s urike every racing modol ot tho li past 10 years, Iletends ahead of kudelans, the hort wng and is much hgher ala W.400 d Ihan on the Feo Tro too J i ilata uod on Rod Buls 2009 car, wth ghalana l las. 2009 the outer edges of the nose highor Jgjal al than the conoal part. idi a ay wastod any opportuntes ha season aykalha 10 to change the F-10. somatimes lil a adapting features of their compettors The dffuser socourts tor imose 50% of the cor total downtoon and gives atco 05 seconds por ap. Itis nct alowed to riso above the er coet ine towards the enaust i cars to improve portormance pi Extershe dovolopment has been Oo cormed out on the tfront wirg which hoiped Fennando Alonso socure victory in Bahrain and Singapore s i The ditucer features a L le much larger intet under jauN the car that foods the de Janiya upoor dock with more air Iw andinoreases downtoroe J ipla The exhaust is moved down i al nont of the tyre to e lalitia etuust gases to control Ja al d i the artow around the tyre iw and improve downforce was expoctod, a copy of tho cno Front wid 2010 pan Changes for 20104 Sport highlight أضواء على رياضة الفورمولا 1 2009 pial ai ZR E 2010 Changes for 2009 + جناع اأعامي الشيق saia dalj pi Fudl copooty 235 120 nonaed tom 120 liladi ply e pastee yos, many 1otutik ngoohova beon od ala s a , bthe Fomua Cre roglator li J the spon sbives to bo an duce coata and noade ts t de ay Somehnet ino ii le pact on tho oce onase Lais l d Wsistenca onusng biol 2008 2010 جناع أصامي العرض lagual alg- chessis 2009 Jower bort wing 15 reasod by 15 om bargeboards cortrol of the tront wing fop anglo hom he pockot 2009 S d e more oonnertaly ndy whie oho nowos chave pronptod major crange 2000 font tyrts wing certral socoon Fdoroce car desgn క OTEN

Ferrari F1

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At the same time an F1 infographic supplement -forty colorful pages- is published in Dubai. Take a look at some of them, which symbolize's my passion for F1 racing.


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