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Fantasy Sports Statistics

wo weeks into the NFL FROM QUARTERBACKS TO GREENBACKS football rosters. The game is simple: in the past several years despite Create a roster of players from any professional team, and hope your players perform better in games than your competitors' do. The market has grown dramatically season, football fans every- the recession, which raises a where are not only sitting around question: how big is the economic YAHOO! SPORTS DOMINATES their televisions, they're refreshing browser windows and fine-tuning trade proposals for their fantasy footprint of fantasy sports? THE FAN TASY SPO0RTS ECONOMY TOP U.S. SPORTS SITES BY UNIQUE AUDIENCE* WEBSITE UNIQUE AUDIENCE MORE THAN JUST A HOBBY Yahoo! Sports 14.9 MILLION ESPN Digital Network 9.5 MILLION AN ESTIMATED on MSN 7.4 MILLION 32 MILLION North Americans older than 12 actively compete in public and private fantasy NFL Internet Network 4.9 MILLION *Neilsen, 4.9 MILLION July 25 to sports leagues online. July 31, 2011 THAT'S A ADS ARE A BIGGER PART OF REVENUE 60 PERCENT INCREASE Online Advertising Content U.S. SPORT SITE REVENUES Paid Others SINCE 2007. *Projected 16% 16% 16% 20% 18% 16% 63% 63% 66% 55% 58% 56% MAKING SENSE OF THE DOLLARS 20% IV 18% 25% 24% 23% 21% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011* 2012* Estimated total fantasy $800 MILLION 1.49 1.72 1.89 2.14 2.44 2.96 sports spending per year: BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION Total sports industry $4.5 BILLION impact per year: FANTASY PLAYERS ARE AFFLUENT Average fantasy player $467.60 spending per year: The average active fantasy football participant makes between $60,000 & $100,000 FANTASY SPORTS PLAYERS CONSUME MORE THAN OTHER SPORTS FANS per year. Fantasy Sports Players X Sports Fans 'Based on a Fantasy Sports Association-commissioned survey conducted between September and October 2008. IN THE PAST 30 DAYS', HAVE YOU PURCHASED: Percent of respondents Percent of FANTASY SPORTS DON'T HAVE A MAJOR respondents ESPN EFFECT ON WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY Beer 73% Fast food 92% At least one 63% 8% -----X 52% sports magazine Percent of full- A global consultancy firm asked U.S. human resource professionals: 22% 70% time U.S. workers who played "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much fantasy sports in 2010: does fantasy football impact IN THE PAST YEAR', HAVE YOU: Other 68% Soft drinks 94% Purchased an 52% productivity in the office?" alcohol X 52% airline ticket --X 42% RANK: Percent of respondents 19% 7 or 8 SOURCES: CNN.COM | COMSCORE.COM | HITWISE.COM | FORBES.COM | NFL.COM | IPSOS | EMARKETER.COM | FANTASY SPORTS TRADE ASSOCIATION | FANTASY SPORTS AD NETWORK | SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY | ISM GAMES | CHALLENGER, GRAY & CHRISTMAS INC. 4 or lower 5 or 6 A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

Fantasy Sports Statistics

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Through each prospective, fantasy sports are growing rapidly. The infographic representation shows how your 20-buck-a-head club suits in a $4.5 billion global economy.


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