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Fantasy Football: Players Don't Win Games, Data Does (Or Does It?)

webtrends DID YOU KNOW DATA CAN DO THAT? FANTASY FOOTBALL # 1 presents PLAYERS DON'T WIN GAMES, DATA DOES (OR DOES IT?) KNOW THE FAN? THINK AGAIN THE FANI I THE FAN AT THE DESK AT THE GAME BLINDLY LOYAL TO HIS TEAM BLINDLY LOYAL TO STATISTICAL PERFORMANCE AND DATA TOOLS $110 $468 Spent per game Average spent on Fantasy Football, including analytics tools 22% 25% Chance he ate burgers and hot dogs pre-game More Monday Night Football watched than the typical viewer 25% 69% Chance he has a game Chance he spends 15 minutes or more per day on fantasy football day superstition FANTASY TAKES THE LEAD 1962 YEAR FANTASY FOOTBALL WAS INYENTED SINCE 2011 IN 2012 25 MILLION USA ONLINE PLAYERS GROWTH IN ESPN 15% FANTASY FOOTBALL 6.5 MILLION REGISTRATION ARE WOMEN $1B INCREASE IN 40% NFL.COM FANTASY PARTICIPATION A BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY DATA FUELS THE FANTASY A NEW ANALYTICS INDUSTRY GIYES FANS MORE ACCESS TO MORE DATA 20,000 92 POINTS OF DATA PER GAME Wationds POINTS OF DATA PER PLAY ALL SEASON PORTFOLIO Of fantasy football players credit the availability of real time stats for increasing the time they spend playing 70% Say that websites and apps help them and are important to their fantasy football experience 73% Use tablets or smartphones to access fantasy football content DOES DATA WIN GAMES? CRITICS SAY: NO TOO MANY VARIABLES. (1*+ O+) QUARTERBACK Temperature 5 hours Forgot to Only 6 31°F of sleep wear lucky touchdowns before socks October 21st “MY $%#* DOESN'T WORK IN THE FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS." 77 - Nate Silver @fivethirtyeight 8:42 PM - 10 Dec 2012 NATE SILVER K DATA GURU WE SAY: FANS ALWAYS WIN DATA CREATES GREAT EXPERIENCES MY TEAM Fans create dream Fans devise algorithms Data helps fans personalize this sport, teams of their own, of their own, to find with DATA. unique data that could which they LOVE. help them WIN. DATA DID THAT FANTASY FOOTBALL IS GROWING 10% YEAR OYER YEAR. THAT'S $100M MORE EACH SEASON FANTASY FOOTBALL: LOYAL FANS THRIYING INDUSTRY STRONG BRAND FPFFFFA USE DATA TO FIND YOUR WINNING GAME PLAN! webtrends DID YOU KNOW DATA CAN DO THAT? FANTASY FOOTBALL PPFFFFA REFERENCES DATA CAN DO THAT? FANTASY FUOTBALL Webtrends. Copyright © 2013 Webtrends Inc. All rights reserved. WEBTRENDS WEBTRENDS

Fantasy Football: Players Don't Win Games, Data Does (Or Does It?)

shared by webtrends on Sep 14
A new analytics industry has given fans more access to more data. In the stadium, on the streets, across mobile and social channels, and on your website, fantasy football brings fans closer to the gam...




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