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Evolution of a Hunter

Evolution of a Hunter The sportsman's 5 stages of hunting. HUNTING SEASON From the first days in the field to 20 years down the road, hunting is an evolution. Studies of these sportsmen have shown that every hunter goes through five stages of development. The Shooter Stage "Let's get to shootin'!" Goal: To pull that trigger as much as possible Successful hunt: One with a lot of shooting practice! Gear of choice: That trusty hunting rifle and lots of ammo Words of wisdom: Might be a dangerous hunting partner. Remind them to shoot safely! The fimiting But 8tage "So glad I bought that deep freezer. Bring on the game!" Goal: To fill the season's hunting tags Successful hunt: When it results in a plentiful harvest Gear of choice: Arsenal of wild game recipes to try out Words of wisdom: Practice makes perfect. Better shooting means more game to bring home- just keep that number within legal limits The Jrophy 8tage "All I want this season is the biggest record-setting buck anyone has ever seen. Is that so much to ask for?" Goal: Another giant rack to add to the trophy room Successful hunt: Best scoring deer of the season for bragging rights Gear of choice: A roomy truck bed for transporting massive bucks Words of wisdom: Hunt with a trophy hunter, and fill your tags with the game they pass up The Method 8tage "I've been eyeing this buck on my trail cam for the last 3 years. He's finally mature-time to hunt!" Goal: To become THE know-it-all hunter Successful hunt: Bagging that animal that has been skillfully tracked for months Gear of choice: The latest, most expensive gear available, including trail cams, HD video cameras and top-of-the-line bow Words of wisdom: The best of the best, pick up those lesser known tips from these aspiring experts 8portsman 8tage "Nothing beats a day in the woods breathing in that fresh country air!" Goal: Spending time in nature and educating the next generation of hunters Successful hunt: A day spent hunting is better than any day not hunting. Gear of choice: A comfy tree stand or blind, perfect for cover AND the occasional midday nap Words of wisdom: With years of hunting under their belt, these sportsmen are a wealth of knowledge HUNTING BOOTS.COM THE HUNTING BOOTS SUPERSTORE

Evolution of a Hunter

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A visualization of the five stages of hunting that every hunter goes through. These stages were determined from a series of studies on over 1,000 hunters.




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