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Essential Motorcycle Gear

FULL GEAR VS FOOL'S GEAR HELMET HEAD Most important piece of protective gear a rider can use. Protects againts head injury, windblast, cold and flying objects. Considered precious by knowledgable riders and never exposed by the pros. When fully in view, allows immediate indentification of untrained person not using his. Hand out rider education info on site ! Full faced helmet recommended. FACE SHIELD EYES, EARS & FACE Saves face! Any rider who's been hit in the face by stones, insects or debries can tell you the benefits. Known to experienced riders as "bug and garbage collectors." Common "bare-face" symptoms include windblast-deafening and deformed, narrow-sit, watery eyes. GLOVES HANDS Keep hands comfortable, functional and protected. Come in infinite au naturale (not for long). Known to seize into curled position when exposed to cold; not genetically evolved to withstand abrasion. variety for all seasons. JACKET & PANTS BARE LIMBS Long sleeves and trousers resist abrasion and protect against sunburn, windburn, dehydration or hypothermia. Light colors or reflectives increase a rider's visibility. A phenomenon seen only on riders deemed impervious to any unavoidable accident or inclement weather. Subject to ridicule in riding circles. BOOTS FLIP FLOPS Provide protection against foot and ankle injuries and give you a good grip on footpegs or road surfaces. Terminology for what sandals, toes and feet do upon contact with road surfaces, shift lever, brake pedal, footpegs, or windblasts. BOTTOM LINE BOTTOM LINE Proper riding gear protects in the event of an accident Fool's gear identifies an untrained rider. Learn how to avoid embarrassment, and minimized injuries, when allowing you to enjoy the sport in comfort. ridicule and injury, while gaining skills and knowledge by contacting the Rider Course nearest you. THE MORE YOU KNOW. THE BETTER IT GETS.

Essential Motorcycle Gear

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Motorcycle essential gear to make a ride safe and comfortable. To enjoy a ride one must have full gear.




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