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End of the Road

57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 64 66 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 63 64 65 69 67 68 69 70 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 56 57 58 59 60 61 58 59 60 70 71 72 73 59 60 59 64 71 72 73 74 58 59 57 58 74 71 74 75 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 74 75 76 77 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 53 54 55 56 57 58 54 55 56 57 58 77 78 79 80 81 82 55 56 57 82 51 52 53 54 55 94 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 51 52 53 54 55 51 53 54 13 14 51 52 53 Lotus Brabham BMW • March Honda Porsche De Tomaso Cooper • Shadow • Tyrrell Vanwall Cornis Surtees • Ferrari Penske Simtek Osella Kuzma Williams 82)0 Maserati • Marussia • oo(64)0(66)(67)(68)(69)(70)00(73)(74(75)0(77)(78)c Kurtis Kraft (60) 61 (94) 59 (58 57 (55) Team (54) (53) Practice/pre-race testing Win 14 Qualifying Podium Year Finished inside top 10 Race Finished outside top 10 Did not finish Did not start Session =6th. =D14th, Formula One World =14th 10th Championship position prior to final event 12th 3rd =D11th. =15th. 1st. =16th. 11th. =11th. =14th =D19th. 3rd. =11th =6th =15th. 3rd 9th =19th. 2nd, 7th. 17th. %3D18th 3D21st. =11th 13th. 7th, =22nd. 16th. % of race laps completed O 0% O 33% O 66% Indianapolis 500 (USA) German Grand Prix French Grand Prix Moroccan Grand Prix Belgian Grand Prix Italian Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix French Grand Prix Dutch Grand Prix United States Grand Prix South African Grand Prix Austrian Grand Prix Belgian Grand Prix Canadian Grand Prix San Marino Grand Prix Japanese Grand Prix Autodromo Circuit de Monaco Circuit Park Watkins Glen Kyalami Österreichring Circuit Zolder Circuit Gilles Suzuka Circuit Indianapolis Motor Speedway Nürburgring Reims-Gueux Ain-Diab Circuit Circuit de Rouen-Les-Essarts Autodromo Enzo Spa-Francorchamps Nazionale Monza Zandvoort Villeneuve e Dino Ferrari End of the Road. When Formula One began in 1950, cars were designed purely for speed and crash helmets Sources - Official Formula One website 1961 1963 1970 1972 1980 1986 1990 1992 1994 1999 2014 were not compulsory. The sport was both new, and deadly, with 11 driver fatalities in the - ESPN/The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Formula One Virtual safety cars introduced to slow drivers down when tracks become unsafe. Roll-over bars introduced. Fireproof suits made Tracks must all have double Six-point seatbelts become Permanent medical centres Helicopters must be on Detachable steering wheels Safety cars introduced to Twenty-seven corners across Wheels are attached to the first decade. While the sport has changed almost beyond recognition since the 1950s, - Ergast F1 API Wogr8 mandatory, head rests and red rear lights introduced. stand-by, ready for circuit medical personnel. compulsory and cockpits crash barriers and a three at race circuits become and larger rear-view mirrors limit the speed of competing all Championship circuits are chassis by tethers to stop Jules Bianchi's death following an accident in 2014 reminds us that risk has not been - restructured to allow drivers metre gap between fences compulsory. become mandatory. cars following an incident. made safer. them from flying off during entirely removed from the sport. Five race start times brought forward by one hour, to allow races to be completed in better light. to get out more quickly. and spectators. accidents for driver and Notes: Fuel tanks contain security Introduction of pit lane speed - Fl data includes all those who died in qualifying, racing, practising, or pre-race testing for World Championship races. - Career races relates to Championship qualifying and racing. Bob Cortner died during pre-race testing, while preparing for his first Championship race. - Gerhard Mitter's death came in a Formula Two car competing as part of the same race as Formula One cars in the spectator safety. Flag signals introduced. foam to help prevent fires. limit, 120 km/h in races. Shifting through a range of data sets, trends in the safety of F1 are illuminated here – and we are reminded how much brave drivers were willing to risk to be crowned champion. German Grand Prix. entina Chet Miller - USA Car spun into a wall at high speed Onofre Mafasteep incline after lea Manny Ayulo - USA Collided with a concrete wall Died at the bottom of a Bill Vukovich – USA Another car shunted into his path, died from a fracture of the skull O-o-G *......... /S - USA o-o-o0-0-0 O-ooOo- Keith Aagainet steering wheel after a collision -O-o-o Broke his neck aga Pat O'Connor - USA Car flipped, burst into flames, c driver burnt oo ooo-o-o- o-o-o-o Luigi Musso - Italy Ran wide and flipped the car into a ditch Peter Collins - UK Careered over a bank, thrown clear from car but hit a tree t Lewis-Evans - UK Stue seized and driver hurled into crash barriers Jerry Crashed into a wall, died of burns after car set on fire Engine s Jr. – USA Bob Cortner - USA Chris Bristow - UK Ascended an embankment, beheaded by barbed wire 6I Massive head injuries after crashing into a wall - UK at in the faceeyd Wolfgang von Trips - Germany Collided with a side barrier, 14 spectators killed Carel Godin de Beaufort - Holland Veered off track, thrown from car, died three days later John Taylor - UK Died five weeks later after suffering 50% burns Lorenzo Bandini – Italy Severe burns after car flipped and caught fire Jo Schlesser - France Crash on lap two, exploded with a full fuei tank Gerhard Mitter – Germany Suspension or steering failure suspected Piers Courage· Nearby woods set alight as car burst into flames Jochen Rindt - Austria Brakeshaft failed, sending car into the barriers Roger Williamson - UK 3I Fire engine almost 10 minutes to arrive, died of asphyxiation François Cevert - France Died instantly in a head-on impact with barrier Peter Revson - USA Suspension failed, car hit the barriers Helmuth Koinigg - Austria Decapitat ed as car passed underneath a crash barrier Mark Donohue - USA Brain haemorrhage two days after crash Tom Pryce - UK Struck a marshal on track attending a fire in another car Ronnie Peterson - Sweden Mass pile-up on opening lap, 20 minutes for medical aid to come Gilles Villeneuve - Canada Thrown from the wreckage without helmet as car somersaults after collision Riccardo Res cue workers took 25 minutes to cut him wreckage after collision Paletti - Italy Roland Ratzenberger - Austria Lost control as st control as front wing broke off and went under the car ke off and we Ayrton Senna - Brazil Car veered right and hit a concrete wall Championship winning years highlighted O-O- Jules Bianchi - France Aquaplaned off circuit, hit a recovery vehicle attending another crash

End of the Road

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