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Easy Longboard Buyer's Guide

LOOKING TO BUY A LONGBOARD? USE THIS GUIDE TO GET YOU MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! EASY LONGBOARD BUYER'S GUIDE Brought to you by DIFFERENT BOARDS FOR DIFFERENT RIDING STYLES CRUISING FREERIDE 42" 42" Length: 32" to 42" provides best balance between stability and maneuverability Length: 38" to 42" 38" Width: 8.5" to 10.5" Rigid deck (drop-through or drop platform with no flex) is best deck for stability and sliding. 32" Low deck height for stability and easier for pushing. Slight flex in deck gives smoother ride. Wheel diameter: 68mm to 72mm Wheel diameter: larger wheels risk wheelbite, smaller wheels wear out faster 68mm to 72mm larger wheels give a smoother ride Truck width: 150mm to 180mm should be similar to deck width Truck width: 180mm (approximately) DOWNHILL SLALOM 43" Length: 37" to 43" provides best stability Length: 30" to 34" short for optimum maneuverability 37" Width: 9" to 11" 34" Drop-through or top mount deck. Concave deck with little or 30" no flex. Wheel diameter: 70-75mm Wheel diameter: Wheel durometer: 69mm to 72mm 78a to 82a soft wheels = less drag Wheel durometer: 78a to 82a Trucks: soft wheels = more grip Reverse King Pin trucks, and truck width should be similar to deck width UNDERSTANDING WHEEL DIAMETER Most common 65mm 75mm 85mm 100mm SPEED MORE LESS FASTER ACCELERATION SLOWER UNDERSTANDING WHEEL DUROMETER SOFTER HARDER 75a 80a 85a 90a MORE GRIP LESS LESS DRAG MORE CHOOSING YOUR DECK LENGTH MORE STABLE LONGER DECK LESS MANEUVERABLE |||| LESS STABLE SHORTER DECK MORE MANEUVERABLE discover more great, free advice and reviews now!

Easy Longboard Buyer's Guide

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Looking to buy a longboard? Use this guide to get you moving in the right direction. Easily find out which longboard design is most suitable for you depending on which style of riding you enjoy.


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