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Deaths on Everest

DEATHS ON EVEREST Many brave individuals have attempted to climb Mount Everest and some have even reached the peak. 24% died from FALLS They battled the elements, fought the limits of their own body, risked death from falls, exposure and avalanches. Over 230 climbers have met their death on these snowy slopes since 1922. 9,000m HOW THEY DIED Summit 8,848m REGION REGION LOCATIONS REGION MOUNTAIN LOCATIONS >7,000m SOUTH EAST RIDGE NEAR SUMMIT NORTH EAST Cerebral 4,600m - 8,750m Oedema RIDGE Internal Haemorrhage Exposure Heart Attack 10.0% Pulmonary Oedema 5,500m - 8,700m 4.0% Exhaustion Unknown Fall 50.0% (Unknown 40.0% Fall 5.3% Cerebral Oedema Altitude Sickness 8.0% Ilness 8.0% 2.1% 4.3% Unknown 36.0% Altitude šickness 12.0% Fall 47.4% Fall Exhaustion 10.5% 10.6% Exhaustion SOUTH COL 7,906m 32.0% 8,000m Exposure 34.1% Unknown 21.1% Cerebral Oedema 11.1% Exhaustion 11.1% Unknown 21.3% Fall 25.5% Exposure 55.6% Fall 22.2% FATALITIES BY COUNTRY Australia/ New Zealand Base Camp I 7,500m 2.5% South America 1.0% 5.9% North America LHOTSE FACE Europe (excl. UK) UK 8.9% 7,400m 28.0% Unknown 14.3% India 10.3% Fall Avalanche 42.8% 14.3% Nepal 21.7% Serac Crush Falling 14.3% Ice 14.3% East Asia 21.7% NORTH COL 7,020m THE DEATH ZONE 7,000m OXYGEN DEPRIVATION MOUNTAIN The air thins as the altitude increases. How much oxygen remains at the Summit? Avalanche LOCATIONS 100.0% <7,000m Internal Haemorrhage 307- 8,848m (Summit) Pulmonary Oedema 50 5,500m Unknown Base Camps Fall 4% 75%- 3,000m Alcohol 7.1% 7.1% Drowned Pneumonia Avalanche of all people who venture to 7.1% 100%- Om (Sea Level) Brain Haemorrhage 57.1% 7.1% Avalanche Heart Attack 7,000m AVOID 7.7% 7.7% hol İmpairs judgment, causes dehydration and increases susceptibility to cold injury. Fall 30.7% 14.3% 7.7% will die from ALTITUDE SICKNESS 7.7% Caffeine Causes dehydration and increases anxiety Unknown 7.7% Heart Attack 15.4% 15.4% Tobacco Reduces oxygen intake and narrows blood vessels ALTITUDE HEALTH 6,000m Icefall 5,486m RISKS CVA/Stroke 3.6% Serac Crush 14.3% Avalanche 50.0% Fall 32.1% Health Threat 4,000m Health Threat > 4,000m Health Threat 3,000m ACUTE MOUNTAIN SICKNESS CEREBRAL OEDEMA PULMONARY OEDEMA South Base Camp 5,364m North Base Camp 5,150m Health Threat > 1,500m Health Threat >1,500m Health Threat > 1,500m EXPOSURE HEADACHE NAUSEA 5,000m Rongbuk Base Camp 4,980m Sources 502928bd5a7aejpg of deaths on_eight-thousanders craigdon Mountain Sports BY NO

Deaths on Everest

shared by killerbunnie on Feb 25
How many people have really dies on the slopes of Everest and how did it happen. This graphic tries to show why they died, at what point on the mountain and what can happen at that altitude.


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