Cycling tips for winter

CYCLING WINTER Jor THE WINTER CHECKLIS 1.REFLECTORS 2.LIGHTS 3.BRAKES 4.MUDGUARDS 5.SEAT COVER 8.TYRE PRESSURE 6.TYRE GRIP 7.PEDAL GRIP Wise up цр A little bit of bike TLC will help to keep you safe and comfortable on the winter roads REFLECTORS SEAT COVER Dirt and rain can decrease the Use a waterproof seat cover to ID effectiveness of your reflectors so keep your saddle dry and keep them nice and clean. protected on rainy days. LIGHTS MUDGUARDS The days are getting shorter so Mudguards will keep you clean don't leave the house without fully and your brakes / gears a little charged lights. dryer in the wet weather. BRAKES PEDAL GRIP Stopping distances increase on Wet shoes make for slippery wet / icy roads so check that your pedals, so get some with excellent brakes are in fully working order. grip. TYRE GRIP TYRE PRESSURE Use wide, smooth tyres to Harder tyres might make hills less maximise the amount of road to of a slog, but slightly softer tyres rubber contact on slippery roads. are safer on wet roads. KEEP IT CLEAN Rinse your bike at the end of the day to remove dirt, salt and grit. Use a water displacing spray to get water out of moving parts and lube your chain well afterwards. BOOK A SERVICE Wet and cold weather means more wear and tear, so to be on the safe side get a full service. Light up WHAT'S YOUR WINTER LIGHTING STYLE? CHRISTMAS T THE RAVER S TREE THE Us. The raver' is usually spotted zooming past in a 'The Christmas Tree' leaves nothing to chance, with a tightly fitted fluorescent jacket and neon leggings, dozen lights and reflector strips gently twinkling in his front lights flashing just as brightly as strobes all directions. To top it off, a cosy Father Christmas from last Saturday night's disco. beard keeps his chin warm in the frost. N.B. REMEMBER, WHATEVER YOUR STYLE, BRIGHT LIGHTING IS ESSENTIAL FOR CYCLING ALONG THE DARK WINTER ROADS! Whар цр Don't go giving yourself chills, they're sure to multiply in this weather. Brrrr. COAT HELMET COVER SS HOT DRINK SPARE UNDERWEAR GLOVES SCARF HI-VIS JACKET WATERPROOFS

Cycling tips for winter

shared by AndyEdmonds on Oct 16
In the name of safety have created this niffty little infographic providing a little advice to those braving the British winter on their bikes this year. Wrap up warm and be sure to check your ...




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