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Cracking the Golden Ball

Сласк Cracking the Galden ABall DUELS LOST AERIAL DUELS LOST DUELS WON AERIAL DUELS WON TACKLES LOSTO PASSES RECOVERIES At the end of every World Cup, FIFA gives its best player the Golden Ball Award. How do CHANCES TACKLES WON CH CREATED UNSUCCSSEFUL CROSSES CLEARANCES SUCCESSFUL CR CROSSES The edge of the golden circle represents the average of the other 11 Golden Ball winners for each metric. the winners in the last twelve DEFENCE KEY Markers within the circle mean the player achieved under 100% of that value. Markers placed outside mean the player achieved over 100% of that value. ATTACK BLOCKS BL AS ASSISTS editions compare and what parts of their game did they excel in to win it? SH INTERSECTIONS FOULS WON GOALS O SHOTS OFF TARGET PENALTIES PENALTIES WON SCORED FOULS CONCEDED CH England 1966 Bahby Charltan Mexico 1970 CL Pelé A an England (W) AS Brazil (W) FW FW IN FO PW CH TA W. Germany 1974 Fahan Caaf Spain Argentina 1978 Maria 1982 Paala Rasoi Italy (W) CL Xempes Netherlanda Argentina (W) AS FW FW FW PW PS PE PS IN TA DU TA Mexico Italy GRO 1986 Diega Maradana Argentina (W) 1990 CL Saluatare Schillaci Italy AS IN FW FW SH IN PE PS SH GO PA DU AD 9. Korea & Japan TA USA France TA сн 1994 Ramária 1998 Ranalda 2002 CL Oliner Hahn AS Brazil (W) Brazil Germany IN IN FW FW GK IN PS FO SH Germany S. Africa 2010 Diega Tarlán TA 2006 CL Finedine Fidane France Uruguay MF SH FO PE IN FO GO GO SOURCES: OPTA, WIKIPEDIA WRITTEN AND DESIGNED BY PAULO ESTRIGA

Cracking the Golden Ball

shared by PauloEstriga on Feb 26
Visualisation done for the Guardian Digital Agency as part of a pitch to a sports brand. Longlisted for the Information is Beautiful Awards 2013 in the Data Visualisation category.


Paulo Estriga


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