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A Complete Guide to Using the Spod, Spomb and Airbomb - Fishtec

Complete guide t SPODDING & SPOMBING The ultimate in long range baiting, spods and similar devices accurately deliver your payload of choice, exactly where you want it. Spods, Spombs and Airbombs SPOMB SPOD AIRBOMB small/medium medium/large large Upon impact with water, the spomb springs open and bait is instantly dispersed. Upon landing on water, the buoyant end flips to the surface, immediately dumping the bait. Designed to quietly release its payload mid-air, creating a shotgun effect bait spread. Smaller models can be cast on normal rods. Delivers large amounts of bait, very accurately. Less splash and ideal for firing into tight spots. When to use which device When should you use a spod or spomb, and when would an Airbomb make the best choice? TRY an Airbomb if: DO DON'T use a spod or spomb if: use a spod or spomb if: TOO FAR TO THROW SHORT RANGE SHALLOW WATER SMALL AMOUN LOTS OF FISH OF BAIT SPOOKY FISH LONG SESSION SHALLOW WATER GLOSE TO SNAGS 120 30 40 -50 LOOSE FEED DEEP WATER SHORT SESSION FLOATING BATS Tackle checklist Casting a big container full of bait is a punishing job so you'll need to tackle up. BIG PIT OR LARGE SPOOLED REEL For casting a large spod or device over long distances, pick a reel with a big capacity. SPOD ROD Required for casting anything but the smallest spombs. 30LB 50 lb BRAID Heavy duty for a heavy load. SPOD, SPOMB, BAIT 50 LB Your bait of choice AIRBOMB Have a couple of options depending on conditions. or a mixed payload to fill all the gaps. SHOCK LEADER Takes the strain of each cast. Baits A spod, spomb or Airbomb will take any sort of bait, including a mixed payload. GROUNDBAIT TINY PARTICLES BULK FEEDS e.g. fishmeal based crumb. e.g. stewed hemp seed, wheat, maggots or micro pellets. e.g. vitalin, brown crumb, stewed wheat or beans, frozen sweetcorn. PARTICLES AND BOILIES FLOATERS e.g. floating pellets, sunflower seeds, bread. How to load your device SPOMB Avoid clogging the trigger mechanism. SPOD Top each spod-load of bait with a layer of sticky pellets to keep everything stuck down tidily. AIRBOMB Use pin side for boilies and toothed side for particles Casting A smooth overhead cast is what you're aiming for. STEP 1 Test cast empty spod to wet the braid. Reel in under tension while dunking the reel to damp the braid so it sits cleanly on the spool. STEP 2 Check your spod positioning. There should be around half a rod length "drop" between the spod and the end of the rod. STEP 3 Measure the distance. To get your casts to land in the same spot each time, (or to open your Airbomb mid-air just short of the target) measure the distance on dry land and use the line clip on your reel. D........... ..... .. STEP 4 Cast smoothly, over your head. *** Aim a little higher to cast a spomb so it lands nose first and opens cleanly. To trigger an Airbomb a more direct cast is required. STEP 5 Feather it down. Dab your fingers on the reel spool to slow things down as the cast lands, lessening impact. Not required for an Airbomb of course! Fishtec

A Complete Guide to Using the Spod, Spomb and Airbomb - Fishtec

shared by fishtec on May 04
A must-have for carp and specimen anglers, spods and airbombing accessories are a great way of introducing bait. However, this world isn't as simple as throwing food into the water and getting loads o...





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