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Common running injuries

More than 2 million of us in the UK run. Half of us experience preventable running injuries in a typical year. These are the 7 most common injuries Common Running Injuries liotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) Hamstring Issues Cause Poor warm-up/stretching Cause Friction against femur Symptoms Pain in hip and/or knee Symptoms A sudden and sharp pain in the back of the thigh Runner's Knee Cause Unknown Achilles Tendinitis Symptoms Pain in and around knee cap Cause Overuse Symptoms Pain across back of ankle Shinsplints Cause Lack of conditioning/overuse Symptoms Deep pain along shin Stress Fractures Cause Overuse Symptoms Pain in shins, feet and/or heel Plantar Fasciitis Cause Ligament along bottom of foot becomes inflamed Symptoms Acute pain on bottom offoot and heel Cute Injury Tips to avoiding injuries Tips for home treatment The right preparation, conditioning and techniques can drastically help reduce common injuries and keep you running right. The best way to treat minor injuries at home is to apply the RICE method as soon as an injury occurs. The fatser you apply it the quicker you recovery will be. REST:Reduce your daily activities and try not to put weight on your leg - use walking aids like crutches if necessary • Warm up by walking before running • Finish the run with a short walk • Stretch before and after running • Run with shortened strides ICE:Apply an ice pack to the area in question at least four times a day for 20 minutes COMPRESSION: Apply pressure to the injury using casts, bandages, elastic wraps etc. to help reduce swelling • Wear the right running shoes • Run on level surfaces where possible • Give yourself time to recover •Do strengthening exercises on recovery days • Always stay hydrated · Eat a healthy and balanced diet ELEVATION: Try and keep the injured area elevated above the heart level to decrease the swelling It is advisable to consult your GP if symptoms continue following the RICE method. Cute Injury Personal Injury Specialists Call us now on 0800 010 6066 or email [email protected] Speak to one of our personal injury solicitors for impartial, professional advice on the possibility of making a claim through a no win no fee agreement.

Common running injuries

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Details about all the common injuries - how they are caused and how to prevent and treat them.


Cute Injury


Cute Injury


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