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Common Running Injuries

Cσ ΟΝ RUNNING INJURIES 36 million people run every year- 40% to 50% experience at least one injury. RUNNING INJURIES : SPIAAL :COMPRESSION CAUSES & SYMPTOMS Cause: Force of running compresses vertebrae Symptoms: Temporary height loss; can become permanent : PIRIFORMIS SYRDROME - Cause: Tightening of pirifomis muscle - Symptoms: Pain radiating down back of leg :GROIA PULL Cause: Overextension of inner thigh muscles Symptoms: Similar to hernia :LIQTIBIAL BRAD SYADROME Cause: Friction Symptoms: Pain in hip or knee : HAMSTRING STRAIN H Cause: Improper or no - warm-up : PATELLOFEMORAL PRIN SYNDROME (Runner's Knee) Symptoms: Sudden, sharp pain in back of thigh Cause: Exact cause unknown CALF MUSCLE PULL Symptoms: Pain under and around knee cap Cause: Calf muscle tears - away from Achilles tendon Symptoms: May hear a "pop" when it happens SHIN SPLINTS Cause: Lack of conditioning Symptoms: Pain along shin ACHILLES TEADONITIS : PLAATAR FASCHITIS Cause: Chronic overuse Symptoms: Pain along back of ankle Cause: Inflammation of ligament along bottom of foot Symptoms: Pain on bottom of heel WHEN TO SEE A DOCTOR WAYS TO AVOID RUNNING INJURIES • Severe pain, swelling, or numbness at injury site • Unable to put weight on injured area • Joint abnormality or instability 1. Warm up with short walk before stretching 2. Stretch before and after running, especially hamstrings HOW TO TREAT MINOR RUNNING INJURIES AT HOME 3. Finish run with short walk RICE method relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing: • Treat injuries immediately • Continue for at least 48 hours 4. Don't run every day 5. Run on level surfaces 6. Shorten your stride 7. Do strengthening exercises on non- running days REST: Cut back on daily activities; use cane or crutches if necessary ICE: Apply ice pack to injury for 20 minutes, at least 4 times a day 8. Wear the right shoes 9. Get enough nutrients in diet or from supplements 10. Stay hydrated COMPRESSION: Use elastic wraps, air casts, etc., to reduce swelling ELEVATION: Elevate injured area above heart level to decrease swelling EXERCISE Use 5TABILITY BALL for stretches, crunches WHILE RECOVERING FROM RUNNING INJURIES TURIST WEIGHTS tone arms RESISTANCE TUBES tone back, shoulders, arms, thighs Once injury has been treated, and no longer has to be iced or elevated, you can exercise while you Walk on TREADMILL at an incline Switch from treadmill to ELLIPTICAL TIACHINE recover. American College of Sports Medicine | North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy | Sports Medicine | National Center for Biotechnology Information | Runner's World | National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases | Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma | MedlinePlus | | Smooth Fitness SOURCES: Produced for

Common Running Injuries

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Although running can be a good way to stay fit, if you don't stretch and run properly you can seriously injure your body. Check out this infographic to see common running injuries and symptoms and how...


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