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College Tailgating Traditions

GO BIG OR GO HOME AWESOME COLLEGE TAILGATING TRADITIONS IN THE U.S. BEST FOOD LOUISIANA STATE UniVERSity "From barbecue to alligator to gumbo to frog's legs to baby back ribs to jambalaya, Tigers fans are cooking it up and serving it to all who pass by," Bleacher Report says. 1. BEER П. MOST UNUSUAL FOOD FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Florida State tailgaters put on a Fried Alligator Roast when the school squares off against the archrival University of Florida. Why fried alligator? Florida's mascot is the gator. П SS5S BEST I PEOPLE WATCHING UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN "On any given Saturday, Ann Arbor likely becomes the second-largest city in the state of Michigan, and the massive crowd inside the stadium spends the morning and early afternoon tailgating outside the stadium," Bleacher Report says. MOST SPREAD-OUT TAILGATING UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA ) Nebraska fans don't confine their pre-game partying to the area around the stadium. "Huskers football isn't just a one-tent setup for game day; it's an all-town, all-day festival with more than enough beer and brats to go around," according to The Daily Meal. П MOST STYLISH TAILGATERS UNIVERSITY OF MıssisSIPPI Tailgating at Ole Miss "more closely resembles the festive and formal atmosphere in and around the Kentucky Derby than a college kegger," according to Bleacher Report. MOST STAR POWER П UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA At a USC home game, you might spot Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, Henry Winkler, George Lucas, Spike Lee, Kirsten Dunst or Jake Gyllenhaal among the tailgaters. П BEST BOAT-GATING UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON "Huskies fans arrive for the game in style, mooring their boats just behind Husky Stadium on Lake Washington. What results is one of the most unique tailgating atmospheres in the nation," Bleacher Report says. BEST SAIL-GATING UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE П. "The University of Tennessee is home to the Vol Navy, a dedicated and ever-growing group of alumni and fans that pull their boats up behind the stadium to enjoy everything the pregame festivities have to offer," according to Bleacher 1. Report. П. MOST UNUSUAL TRADITION CLEMSON UNIVERSITY "Fans of the Tigers take tailgating very seriously and it shows. They have their own currency of sorts, П. which is used during the pre-game festivities. They pay with two-dollar bills equipped with tiger paw stamps," according to College Spun. BEER П. MOST RITUAL-STEEPED TAILGATING TEXAS A&M UnivERSITY The Aggies boast so many rituals, it's hard to know where to begin. There's the Midnight Yell Practice, the Aggie Fan Zone, the Spirit Walk, the Corps March-in .. and that all happens before kickoff. "There's just something about this school and the camaraderie that makes everyone come together 1. and support the university that we all love," П. student Taylor Trcka says. MOST ROWDY TAILGATERS PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY This "honor" could be attached to tailgaters from any number of schools, but Penn State probably comes out on top. Why? You can thank – or blame – Nittanyville. It's a tent city that students set up well ahead of kickoff to grab prime seats in the student section. "Needless to say, things get rowdy, and fast," The Daily Meal says. BEST TAILGATING VEHICLES UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Near the football stadium at South Carolina sit "cockabooses," a word that's a mash-up of the Gamecock (the mascot) and cabooses (those cars at the end of a train). "Cockabooses" are repurposed, South Carolina-themed cabooses that are fully equipped for all your tailgating needs," according to The Daily Meal. SOURCES BLEACHERREPORT.COM/ARTICLES/2016644-BLEACHER-REPORTS-TOP-25-COLLEGE-FOOTBALL-TAILGATING-SCHOOLS-FOR-2014 COLLEGESPUN.COM/SEC/LSU/THE-TOP-10-COLLEGE-FOOTBALL-TAILGATING-SCENES-IN-THE-COUNTRY# BLEACHERREPORT.COM/ARTICLES/1604639-TOP-25-TAILGATING-SCHOOLS-IN-COLLEGE-FOOTBALL USATODAY30.USATODAY.COM/SPORTS/COLLEGE/FOOTBALL/PAC10/2005-12-29-uSC-STARS_X.HTM TAMUTIMES.TAMU.EDU/2012/09/04/TEXAS-AM-AMONG-BEST-TAILGATES-IN-THE-SOUTH-SAYS-SOUTHERN-LIVING-MAGAZINE/#.U_PRYSYOAHM DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING TAMUTIMES.TAMU.EDU/2013/09/13/TEXAS-AM-FANS-DECLARED-NATIONS-NO-1-TAILGATERS-KYLE-FIELD-SOLD-OUT-FOR-ALABAMA-GAME/#.U_PS7MYOAHM THEDAILYMEAL.COM/BEST-COLLEGES-TAILGATING-SLIDESHOW MI

College Tailgating Traditions

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