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Channel Swimming from Dover to Calais

CHANNEL SWIMMING From Dover to Calais an infographic Records The fastest swim. Over 7 hours and the slowest was nearly 27 hours. Oldest man: George Brunstad (70 yrs), (USA) 2004. Oldest woman: Sue Oldham (64 yrs), (AUS) 2010. Youngest person: Thomas Gregory (11 yrs), (UK) 1988. Queen of English Channel: Alison Streeter (UK) 43 crossings. King of English Channel: Kevin Murphy (UK) 34 crossings. Interesting Facts • The channel has been labeled "The Everest of open water swimming". The success rate each season is usually less than 50% for the solo swims. • For every 1 French swimmer to have completed the crossing, there are over 50 british swimmers. • First observed and unassisted channel swim made by Captain Matthew Webb on 24 August 1875-25 August 1875 in 21 hours and 45 minutes. • The first person to swim the Channel underwater was American Fred Baldasare who successfully completed the feat in July 1962. • Food and drink may be passed to the swimmer from the supporting boat, but the swimmer must not touch the boat or their attempt will not count. • Equipment: one hat, one costume, goggles, grease, earplugs. You cannot have a swimsuit that covers your arms or legs, provides buoyancy or gives you thermal protection. Dover Calais Rules Temperature - Avg, 62F This is between 59Fand 64.5 F (14°C to 18C). • Swim starts by walking into the sea from dry land and at the end of the crossing, the swimmer must leave the water to dry land to qualify. Distance-38,000 Yards B000 yards to swim the Channel by thestortest route This distance is 18.2 nautical miles which is approximately 21 kand miles. O Time Taken-Avg. 10-20 hours Depth-Avg.120 Meters It is relatively shallow, average of 120m690 ft) at its widest part, reducing to a depth of about 45 m (148 ft) between Dover and Calais. To Qualify.. Minimum 6 hour swimin water of 60F (15.50) or less Dangers Winning Stats • Total of 2519 Channel crossings • 1179 swimmers have completed a total of 1612 solo Swims. • The average age ofa solo swimmer is 3 years, 206 days • Average solo crossing time: B hours 23 minutes and 4 seconds • Hypothermia • Cramp • elyfish •Raw sewage • 600 commercial shijps Fdnbus oUG OUG COTLLIG COOÜIG2 • 80-100 ferry crossings Important Equipment •Lighting - At leastpart of the journey isin darkness or twilight. • Weather - the local forecast can change very quickly (within 30 mins) • Tide change over6 hours-you must time it correctly, even if you're in sight of land you may be going backwaras Most swinmers attach chemical glow sticks to themselves to help their pilots see them in low-light conditions •Passport-You will need your passport before, during orafter the swim Healthspan Information Sources: Channel Swim training diary at: In August 2011, British swimmer Roger Allsopp will attempt to become the oldest person to swim the Channel at the age of 70. His attempt also sees him trying to raise £750,000 to support the work of a cutting-edge cancer research team at Southampton University.

Channel Swimming from Dover to Calais

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More people have climbed to the top of Mount Everest than have swum from England to France. An average of 21 miles- swimming for 15 hours through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. This ...




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