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The Carolina legacy

100 THE CAROLINA LEGACY EXCELLENCE. TRADITION. HISTORY. GREATNESS. AVisual History of THEPLAYERS NORTH YEARS NC 20 CAROLINA 20 NORTH 10 AROLIN NORTH 12 CAROLINA These are all words that come to mind when thinking of Carolina basketball. More than a century in the making, this storied program has continually revolutionized the world of college athletics by producing outstanding players of limitless talent through the guidance of truly visionary coaches. Here's a look back at the first hundred years of Tar Heel history a visual celebration of North Carolina's best coaches, players and the records they set. of Tar Heel Basketball JACK COBB GEORGE GLAMACK LENNIE ROSENBLUTH PHIL FORD 1938-1941 Lriehnndahew in ki manir hhntaw, A, Glawk kfianarly Mid in hie kefi ne leruefa high ehed 1954-1957 Inni enldah mw he anif id Mieiwodtman lerf lringi 1923-1926 1974-1978 Samding at 6fvr 2inher tall C mar Me and IN Lerican hadetal pluer i N hiy and helad the Herl hen niknamnd the ir Phun" ww three ertivr Slern Canferer Tiwnar Ar pnd and mer of lan Snith fiar ner fee, P Fd finiled hi an a the ber Iall kending seurr in Arth Camlin hiny wi 20 pevints tier hir y e , Fand ard fr she nG6 EN Oyer u hat l in Mntmil nd fellr, he initinlyfae ntiar h fieelul eeer wadvihahly kluritiat dhan the ml er ming hr nd kng Glak n the AC bnkrelall und ld sle Hes their first ICA Ti nt yanan in . A a MeMind aler Ghmck uwd he paid liws n e cort n uider do deliver a anwly unyl hd ahe, nring him mbide National Pnerd tear emenitie fat ol sharnf he ne shee Yr leel iat Jnta wi, a pwft 260 in 21, md the Helms Fiandmin ad in Natial onrfde larin OK hanghjr e p, Arell d 2f G jit, bading drumatie tride ermi finih e 1977 Natil Chanyh wyn The ky Mant nutir nd slre tir ms Lrican imal md C Pyrrfle Iar in 1978 Kutonal Plor of de her Plor f the er M THE COACHES Dean Smith NORTH 52 CAROLINA NORTH 50 CAROLINA NORTH 152 NORTH 33 CAROLINA 33 150 1961-1997 CAROLINA Frank McGuire YY?!? Roy Williams 1952-1961 2003- JAMES WORTHY MICHAEL JORDAN ANTAWN JAMISON TYLER HANSBOROUGH 1979-1982 E g An lltly y plml the lar lehfr e 1995-1998 16 f ti of Chrl Inta Jmi ed e Tur 1981-1984 2005-2009 Fly le pr badetal plor of ll e M Adon yrkl h tlie e y ig e p ing b rping 0 pt und l per gu daring h shranu ing tle Marandwi Jai lad ing atir KRmaent Cmp n nf lataleerfe Irarwundi a the ml of he jr mur and dridt f hir y ratreing n NAha 44444444444 AAAAAAAAAAAAA 444 Aendrud AC Cpihie ik The f pr ler Ma lle ded lyl fplo a hu jgrum d dmaling 22 nuer pnt Araledaf r adg ptlltilplef rn at Aidintinl Narm Chi daing ch hij pu umd Tor hel vitury atl lartyi mngntna Ti ri e M htding Por. A ing 6f gnd lingt pnd A lary r wie i e t wll e ly l ag yle Tt r, Jukan umd the arf edief ole ar und u kar ald aa Ankan a ten Natil Aner f the r aand lefer ding ki llgr ar rl ndeig le angl SNINNIM 154 WINS= 0.739PERCENTAGE WINNING 196 WINS=0.784 PERCENTAGE 58 LOSSES WINNING 879 WINS=0776 PERCENTAGE 54 LOSSES GAMES 250 COACHED 222 COACHED ,133 AMES COACHED 254 LOSSES Legend 4 Final Four Appearnaner National Championuhip Tide A Conferene Tiwrwamnt Champion Win National Championuhip Final Appearance # Conference Negular Season Champion A Conference Towrnament Appearance THE RECORD MILESTONE »1"WIN VICTORIES 500" WIN 1000" WIN lan 21. 72 » 1500 WIN 2000 WIN INC Vgiaia Dritia 21 Fa. 22. 5 INC 55 s. E State ather Cantere laet Mar 2.20 UNC Mani WINS 325 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 19 LOSSES Southern Conference Atlantic Coast Conference AT IVERNIE Soanefamlindethall Gntery ef(Ei. Nunh Cand Spet all Sm lerent, Tar heli lanllend

The Carolina legacy

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More than a century in the making, this storied program has continually revolutionized the world of college athletics by producing outstanding players of limitless talent through the guidance of truly...




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