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Big Numbers for the Big Game

THE BIG GAME CREATES BIG NUMBERS WILL YOU BE ONE OF THE MILLIONS WHO WATCH THE BIG GAME? (1) Whether you're into the game, the commercials, or just the party, these fun facts BUY NOW! -from the millions spent on advertising to the amount of food consumed- CHIPS MAY SURPRISE YOU! THE LOW DOWN ON THE CALORIE LOAD UP A HISTORY OF GAMING GLORY 1967 More than The first Big Game featured the NFL $55 MILLION IS SPENT ON FOOD 181 %24 Packers out of Green Bay vs. the AFL Chiefs from Kansas City CHIPS The average viewer is expected to spend $63.87 63,036 spectators attended the event held in the on snacks, beverages, and apparel Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 2 This game day is the SECOND-HIGHEST FOOD CONSUMPTION day among Americans 1972 THE FIRST IS THANKSGIVING The Cowboys had two players who went on to lead teams to future championships as head coaches GAME DAY is the most popular grilling day of winter 12 » Mike Ditka 15| » Dan Reeves 10) 1979 The Steelers vs. 62% of game-watchers fire up the grill Cowboys game featured 13 future Hall-of-Famers, including: 55,200 HOT DOGS »Terry Bradshaw »Lynn Swann were served at »John Stallworth RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM in 2009 13) 1985-1997 The NFC dominated by winning 13 151 1985 50 MILLION Featured two of the best CHIPS 28 MILLION pounds of various chips 8 quarterbacks of all time cases of beer are consumed by fans Joe Montana's 49ers beat Dan Marino's HOW THE SNACKS STACK UP: (6,8) 1.25 BILLION 3.8 MILLION Dolphins 17 pounds of popcorn wings 1990 4.4 MILLION 53.5 MILLION The 49ers beat the pounds of avocado Broncos 55 to 10, in the most lopsided contest so far 7 pizzas 2010 The Saints vs. Colts game featured two of the best records in Vegetables are the top food consumed at a home party l131 32% of snackers plan on eating some sort of dip 13] Antacid the NFL sales jump 20% Both teams started the season 10-0 M THE GREATEST TV SHOW ON EARTH More than 111 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED THE GAME ON TV IN 2011 (71 These games account for EIGHT OF THE TEN most-watched TV programs in U.S. television history 13) of people who watch, of people would prefer to watch the game on TV than sit in the stands 59% 60% don't consider themselves "football fans" 1) YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY: (3,7) During the first game in 1967, advertisers paid an average of $42,000 Advertisers paid an average of $3.5 MILLION FOR A 30-SECOND AD in the 2012 game ANHEUSER BUSCH has spent the most on advertising over the past 10 years at $239.1 MILLION APPROXIMATELY 44% 10 50% At least OF WOMEN AUTOMAKERS say they watch for the commercials advertised during game in of advertisers leak their game day commercials online THE 2010 GAME NBC made roughly had the most commercial time at $350 MILLION 47 minutes 50 seconds, in revenue from commercials in 2012 and more than 104 COMMERCIALS WHAT'S IT WORTH TO YOU? PEOPLE WOULD SKIP A LOT TO ATTEND THE BIG GAME: 121 23% 21% 20% 15% would miss the would skip a vacation would skip an important work responsibility would miss wedding of a family member or close friend the birth of their child NEARLY ONE-THIRD OF U.S. ADULTS ARE LIKELY TO BET ON THE GAME 13] 92% have actually LOST MONEY THIS WAY SHOW ME THE MONEY! $12 [4] IN 1967 THE AVERAGE TICKET PRICE WAS Today, tickets are available from roughly $2,000 to $6,400 [11] TERRACE LEVEL TERRACE LEVEL BOX SEATS PLAZA LEVEL available from ENDZONE SIDELINE SIDELINE tickets start at tickets start at tickets available from $1,786 $2,226 $2,850 $3,289 $16,480 WAS THE HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR A TICKET IN 2012 (2) AMERICAN EMPLOYERS People spend an average of lose an estimated $118.80 $205 MILLION for every 10 MINUTES ON THEIR AT-HOME PARTIES (4) an employee is talking about the BIIG GAME on the job instead of working B Players make a total of WINNING PLAYERS were paid an additional $161,000 IN 2012, X $83,000 FOR THE PLAYOFF RUN, COMBINED WITH A WIN 191 The 1967 winners, The losing CHIEFS THE PACKERS, received received $15,000 $7,500 15 PER MAN This was the largest single-game share in the history of team sports! INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY: TICKETCITY [1] [2] [3] [4] 1 tickets-prices-biggest -football-event [5] [6] [7] [8] (9] the_Super_Bowl (10] [11] -february-3-tba.html [12] (13] #tab=photo-title=lt%25275+party+time&photo=30622748 SOURCES

Big Numbers for the Big Game

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The NFL champions will be decided on Sunday and TicketCity has broken down what will be consumed on Sunday and how much it all equals up to. Whether you’re hosting your own party or going to the gam...


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