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A Beginners Guide to Airsoft Guns

A Beginners Guide To FAIRSOFT GUNS Your First Gun #1 So, say you've decided you like airsoft and you'd like to play more often. Now all you need is a gun. Some things you should consider. F Firstly consider how much you're willing to spend on your first gun. F Your body type/size is a huge deciding factor on the type of gun for you. Will you have an appropriate place for you to practice? Is their a local club you can join? E Make sure your gun is upgradeable, works out cheaper if you decide to accessorise. Firing a Gun #2 Most people start off with a pistol, so take a look at how to set up and fire properly... Make sure the battery is in/ the gas is in the gun or clip, if you need to. Load the BB's into the clip, insert the clip into the grip. If it's spring or has a movable slide at all, you will probably need to rack that once. Make sure the safety is set to fire- either semi auto (usually the only option) or 3 round burst/ fully automatic on some models. your non-dominant foot, and place your To fire it, standing; step forward dominant foot behind you and turned sideways. Lean back just slightly with your upper body (this is to eliminate recoil from real pistols, but it's still the standard firing position.). Raise the pistol with both arms fully extended and line up the sight towards your target. For the proper sighting position with a pistol, you are going to want to look down the barrel so that all three notches line up at the same height. Playing the game. #3 So, how do you play a game? Well, there are some popular game types, each with their own rules. Free For All There are several common spawn points. At the beginning of the game, each player chooses their own spawn point from the pre-set ones. Preferably, these are a couple hundred feet away from each other and the middle meeting ground. You will then precede to shoot each other, and then respawn every 5 minutes or so after being killed. You can keep track of points (gets tricky, because quite a few people would cheat) or simply play until it's decided to end the game. Team Deathmatch Kind of like Free For All, except there are 2-4 teams (any more can get pretty complicated) and one spawn for each different team. Because of the dynamically fast paced games, but with more people to cover your back, I suggest 3 hit kill. 5 Still works pretty well, too. Sqund Spand on Basically, this is a more realistic incamation of Team Death Match. The first big difference is that there are no respawns. This makes the gameplay much more tactical because nobody wants to die right away and be out for the rest of the game. Both teams will start at opposing ends. Preferably, it will not be an open rush, but this can be worked too. When the signal is given- an airhom blasted, a red sign held up, even just the word "go" said through a walkie-talkie- both teams will make their way to the other team while trying not to be spotted. Manhunt This game is played with two teams: one is larger than the other (preferably a 2-3 or 3-5 ish ratio). The smaller team will head off into the woods, and will be given a 3-10 minute head start. I prefer 5, myself. When the 5 minute time period is up, the larger group will then head off into the woods hunting the smaller team. At this point, it assumes the rules of the Squad on Squad MilSim, except that the smaller team is supposed to use guerilla tactics to hunt the larger team. It's more fun for the guerillas to have guerrilla weapons such as Ak's, Shotguns, etc Capher the Flag With the same rules as either Team Death Match or Sg v. Sq, there is a flag placed in the middle of the field (or in the other team's base, depending on play style) and the job of your team is to capture that flag and bring it back. When this is done, the round/game has been won. Another fun game type is a Free For All Capture the Flag, though prepare for people guarding the flag with a sniper rifle, and lots of flag- dropping. Safety First #4 Most people start off with a pistol, so take a look at how to set up and fire properly... Always wear AT LEAST fully sealing goggles designed for paintball/airsoft. Always keep it unloaded, with the battery/ gas out of the gun to avoid it going off accidentally. Always point it down and away from anything. Don't play in public areas or expect to get in trouble. Carry your gun in a protective bag or case, this way it isn't visible and it keeps it in good condition. Source:

A Beginners Guide to Airsoft Guns

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So, say decided that you'd like to take up airsoft and have a passion to indulge in a new activity. There are a few things to note before you go ahead and buy your first gun. Take a look at this begi...



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