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A beginner’s guide to the Super Bowl

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE SUPER BOWL W. WHAT IS THE SUPER BOWL? The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States. The winners of the two American Football conferences meet each other at a pre-selected host venue. The MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will stage Super Bowl XLVIII. Buffalo Bills Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins New York Giants New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles N New York Jets Washington Redskins Baltimore Ravens AFC Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings NFC AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE Houston Texans Atlanta Falcons NATIONAL Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers FOOTBALL CONFERENCE 22 Denver Broncos Arizona Cardinals 25 SUPER BOWL Kansas City Chiefs St. Louis Rams Oakland Raiders San Francisco 49ers WINS San Diego Chargers Seattle Seahawks SUPER BOWL WINS WHICH TEAMS HAVE WON THE SUPER BOWL? AFC NFC AFC / NFC 1 1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers New York Giants New England Patriots Washington Redskins Denver Broncos Miami Dolphins Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints Baltimore Ravens New York Jets Los Angeles/Oakltand Raiders Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams WHAT ARE THE BASICS OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL? 15:00 PLAYING FIELD 11 120 ,53 MINUTES PLAYERS YARDSI (including endzones) PER QUARTER PER TEAM HOW DO YOU SCORE POINTS? TOUCHDOWN CONVERSION FIELD GOAL SAFETY 2 or i. POINTS POINTS POINTS POINTS * Carrying the ball into the 1 point – Kicking the ball between the posts from two * Catching a pass thrown into yards immediately following end zone. * Kicking the ball through the A safety occurs when the goal-post uprights and over offensive ball carrier is the end zone. the crossbar. tackled behind his own goal the touchdown. * Tackling an opponent with * The defence tries to block 2 points - Sco line. | an additional touchdown from i and stop the ball from reaching the goal post. the ball in his end zone (doesn't happen often). two yards. WHAT ARE THE MAIN POSITIONS IN A TEAM? CB - CORNER BACK S- SAFETY OL - OUTSIDE LINEBACKER E- DEFENSIVE END THE DEFENSE T- TACKLE ML - MIDDLE LINEBACKER * Line-backers defend against the pass, and push forward to stop the run or tackle the QB. * The defensive line (ends and tackles) battles head-to-head against the offensive line. * Cornerbacks and safeties defend against the pass from the QB to the wide receiver and help to stop the run. LINE OF SCRIMMAGE YYYYY Y THE OFFENSE * The quarterback ("QB") passes or hands off the ball. * The centre snaps the ball to the QB and blocks the defence. * 2 guards and 2 tackles keep the defence at bay. * 2/4 wide receivers catch the ball thrown by the QB. *1 or 2 running backs take the ball and run with it. *1 or 2 tight ends block the defence and can also C- CENTRE FB - FULLBACK G- GUARD HB - HALFBACK 08 = QUARTERBACK T= TACKLE catches passes. WR = WIDE RECEVER CAN YOU EDUCATE ME ON THE TERMINOLOGY? DOWNS The team with possession has four attempts, called 'downs', in which to advance the ball at least 10 yards towards their opponent's end zone. Confusingly, if a team succeeds in going 10 yards, this is called a 'first down'. If a team fails to get a first down' after four downs, the other side takes possession. LINE OF SCRIMMAGE When play begins again (except at the beginning of a half and after someone has scored), the offensive players line up opposite the defensive players on the 'line of scrimmage', an imaginary line that extends from where the football is placed to both sides of the field. SNAP At the line of scrimmage one player on the offence, the 'centre', passes the ball backwards between his legs to another teammate, usually the 'quarterback' to begin play. This pass is called a 'snap'. Only once the snap has been played can the offence and defence pass over the line of scrimmage. FUMBLE A 'fumble' occurs when a player loses possession of the ball while running with it or being tackled, INCOMPLETE PASS This happens when a forward pass fails. It hits the ground before a player gains possession. SUPER BOWL XLVII SUNDAY 2ND FEBRUARY FROM 10pm (UK Time) DENVER BRONCOS VS SEATTLE SEAHAWKS FROM THE METLIFE STADIUM, NEW JERSEY WHO SHOULD I ROOT FOR? DENVER SEATTLE BRONCOS SEAHAWKS TEAM COLOURS Orange, Navy, White Navy, Green, Grey 2013 REGULAR SEASON RECORD 13-3 13-3 ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL 1st in AFC West REGULAR SEASON 1st in NFC West Bye WILDCARD Bye 24-17 vs San Diego Chargers DIVISIONAL 23-15 vs New Orleans Saints 26-16 vs New England Patriots CHAMPIONSHIP 23-17 vs San Francisco 49ers PREVIOUS SUPER BOWLS Won 2 (1997, 1998) Lost 6 (1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997, 1999) Won 0 Lost 1 (2006) PLAYER TO WATCH Peyton Manning (QB) Earl Thomas (S) IF THEY WERE A PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL CLUB ARSENAL Quarterback Peyton Manning represents Mesut MANCHESTER CITY Özil. Both teams utilise their star man to distribute The Seahawks have dominated the NFC division this season and despite not having much history in to an array of offensive talent further upfield. Much like the Gunners, they'll be be hoping to the way of championships, much like City, they are relive the glory from the late 90's. an emerging force in the NFL and could dominate for years to come. WATCH THE SUPER BOWL LIVE AT WALKABOUT At the following venues: BARNSLEY, BIRMINGHAM, BOURNEMOUTH, BRISTOL, BURNLEY, CARDIFF, CARLISLE, DERBY, DONCASTER, EXETER, GLASGOW, HANLEY, LEICESTER, LINCOLN, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, MIDDLESBROUGH, NEWQUAY, NOTTINGHAM, READING, SWANSEA, TEMPLE (LONDON), WATFORD, WOLVERHAMPTON BOOK YOUR SPOT ONLINE VISIT WWW.WALKABOUTBARS.CO.UK WALKA8OUT wwW.WALKABOUTBARS.CQUK wWW.FACEBOOK.COM/WALKABOUTSPORT

A beginner’s guide to the Super Bowl

shared by walkabout on Jan 28
An introductory guide for those that want to get into American Football but aren't quite sure where to start. Super Bowl XLVIII is live at Walkabout on 2nd February 2014 from 10 pm.


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