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The battle of the ballers: Football vs football

THE BATTLE OF THE BALLERS FOOTBALL VS. FOOTBALL With the battle for the top of the Premiership at a close with Manchester United coming out on top we thought we'd compare our beautiful game with its namesake across the Pond. We don't need to tell you how football earned its name, but we still have questions as to why American football is referred to as such - given the fact that feet play only a small part of the game. With this in mind, we decided to compare each sport's biggest leagues. BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE VS ESTABLISHED 1992 (split from the Football League, established in 1888) 1920 NUMBER OF CLUBS 20 32 GAMES PER SEASON 00000 00000 00000 38 16 9 months LENGTH OF SEASON 5 months SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 38,517 82,566 AVERAGE STADIUM CAPACITY 2010-2011 Avełage attendance: 35,180 (91%) 2010-2011 Average attendance: 66,960 (81%) Old Trafford LARGEST STADIUM Cowboys Stadium Manchester United: 75,957 Dallas Cowboys: expandable to 110,000 The Barclays Premiership Trophy TROPHY Vince Lombardi Trophy CLUB WITH MOST WORLD TITLES Green Bay Packers: 13 Manchester United: 12 пи WHICH SPORT IS MORE EXCITING? The underdog wins 45% of the time The underdog wins 36% of the time (based upon the analysis of 43350 games from 1888-2005) (based upon the analysis of 11770 games from 1922-2004) Stoke City F.C. (est. 1863) OLDEST CLUB Arizona Cardinals (est. 1898) MOST VALUABLE CLUBS IN 2010 Manchester United Dallas Cowboys £1,120 mil £1,110 mil Arsenal Washington Redskins £735 mil £987 mil Chelsea New England Patriots £406 mil £864 mil అ Liverpool New York Giants £341 mil £740 mil ©ల Tottenham Hotspur Houston Texans అఅ £740 mil £254 mil MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN 2010 Wayne Rooney - Manchester United Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts HOW PLAYERS ARE ACQUIRED The Premiership is dominated by the big four clubs Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City - one of whom tend to lift the trophy every season. This is because they have more money to buy the world's best players. Each season, teams pick the best college players in a system known as "the draft" But the team that wins the Superbowl and lifts the Vincent Lombardi Trophy has last pick of the college players. Whereas the team that has come bottom of the league, gets first pick of the college players. This system is aimed at evening the game out and making it more competitive as each of the 32 clubs has a chance at the top spot. %3D HIGHEST EARNING PLAYERS Wayne Rooney Manchester United Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts £ 12 mil £9.8 mil Frank Lampard - Chelsea Nnamdi Asomugha - Oakland Raiders £ 10,5 mil £8.8 mil John Terry - Chelsea Donovan McNabb – Washington Redskins £79 mil £7.1 mil PLAYERS OF THE YEAR Gareth Bale Tom Brady (Offensive) BRADY Tottenham Hotspur 12 New England Patriots BALE 3 Troy Polamalu (Defensive) POLAMALU 43 Pittsburgh Steelers Sources:,,,, pod

The battle of the ballers: Football vs football

shared by andrewmoir on Nov 25
We compare the Chiefs and Eagles with Chelsea and Everton, giving a breakdown some of the key differences in the 2 games



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