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7 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health

REASONS WHY SWIMMING Is Good for Your Health Swimming offers a full body workout This popular sport works on all muscle groups, offering a complete body workout. SWIMMING tones your arms and legs, The Benefits of Swimming strengthens your core, and sculpts your back at the same time. It burns calories Keeps you fit and strong V Umproves your tflexibility Wards off depression When you swim, you burn a high number of calories in a short time. Most people burn 400 TO 600 calories per Promotes weight loss hour while swimming. Tones your muscles It calms your mind Boosis cardiovascular capacity Strengthens your core Studies indicate that FEMALE SWIMMERS Help build lean muscle experience less anger and depression than i's easy on the joints women who don't swim. This fun activity calms your mind and prevents mood swings. It promotes cardiovascular health Described as the ultimate aerobic activity,swimming maximises your cardio and boosts your endurance. Swimming Eacts People who ŚWIM REGULARLY have a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, and cardiovascular problems. It's suitable for people of all ages People who swim regularly have about HALF THE RISK OF DEATH compared to those who don't. Swimming has been known to improve asthmatic's health by up to 75% PREGNANT WOMEN who swim are less prone to MISCARRIAGES One of the best things about swimming is that you can do it at any age! Whether you're 20 OR 80 YEARS OLD, you can enjoy this rigorous fitness workout. The average Swimming is one of the SAFESŤ SPORTS in the world person bums 6 It improves balance and coordination 400 TO 600 even at CALORIES competitive levels. in one hour of swimming Swimming increases muscle strength, improves balance, and makes you more flexible. If you swim after an intense workout, Experienced swimmers can burn up to 1000 CALORIES PER HOUR you'll experience less muscle soreness. Swimming improves the use of AFFECTED JOINTS in people with ARTHRITIS. 7 It's easy on your joints This is one of the few sports suitable for people with back or knee pain. Swimming is mild on your joints and can help reduce pain.

7 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health

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We love to swim over here especially in the summer so we decided to incorporate our lifestyle into an info-graphic.


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