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5 Steps To The Optimal Glove

5 STEPS TO THE OPTIMAL GLOVE THINGS WORTH KNOWING ABOUT YOUR HANDS HOW DOES YOUR BODY LOSE HEAT? Heat distribution within the body Thermal convection: ... under normal circumstances heat loss through the movement of air. Thermal radiation: ... when you're suffering from hypothermia energy emitted by the human body because of its temperature. Evaporation: heat loss through the evaporation of sweat from the skin. WHY DO HANDS GET COLD SO EASILY? Conduction: heat loss through direct contact with cold surfaces or objects. At very low temperatures your feet and hands feel cold before other parts of your body. This is because the body responds to cold temperatures by reducing the blood flow to the extremities in an attempt to ensure that the body's core temperature remains within the optimum range Pain Hot WARM AND COMFORTABLE HANDS Warm TO 22-32° The temperature of your hands has a direct influence on your overall feeling of well-being. Depending on the ambient temperature, your hands typically feel comfortable at a hand-skin temperature between 22"C and 32°C. They feel uncomfortable at temperatures above and below this temperature range. Cool The human body is extremely sensitive to temperature. Cold appears to be more of a danger than warmth. Cold The human skin contains 5 times as many receptors for cold temperatures than for warm temperatures. Pain DRY GLOVES ARE WARMER Wet fabrics conduct heat up to The palms have been shown to have up to If you ski for an hour your hands are likely to produce as much as 600 10ml sweat glands per square centimetre. of sweat, which equals about 2 teaspoons. 3 times faster than dry fabrics. BREATHABLE WATERPROOF MOISTURE DOES NOT MOISTURE DOES NOT ACCUMULATE INSIDE PENETRATE FROM OUTSIDE Exercise causes an increase in heat Heat loss is far higher if the insulation material in the glove is wet or damp. production in the body. That is why you will perspire even when skiing in sub-zero temperatures. When the sweat evaporates off the skin it takes heat from the body and cools it down. Waterproof gloves protect the insulation material against water penetrating from the outside and therefore keep your hands drier and warmer for longer. Only breathable gloves allow this sweat to escape from the glove, thus preventing moisture from accumulating in the insulation. OUTER FABRIC GORE-TEX" THE GORE-TEX® MEMBRANE MEMBRANE Durably waterproof and highly breathable. The GORE-TEX membrane has over INSULATION 1400000000 microscopic pores per square centimetre. LINING Imagine that one of these pores was the size of a football stadium. A drop of water would then be the size of the earth and a water SKIN vapour molecule would be the size of a football. DROP OF WATER 20,000 times larger A PORE OF THE GORE-TEX® MEMBRANE WATER VAPOUR MOLECULE 700 times smaller THE RIGHT GLOVE FOR EVERY END-USE FOR MORE CONTROL: FOR MORE COMFORT: EXTRA GRIP EXTRA WARMTH vs. Mittens are If you want to have a good grip on your ski poles or snowboard, you will need gloves with added grip and a high degree of tactility. Gloves with different levels of insulation are generally warmer than fingered gloves, given the same material. The fingers are allowed to stay together and help to warm each other. Less surface area is exposed to the cold so there is less heat loss. Mittens aren't generally as tight-fitting as fingered gloves. However, gloves with individual fingers provide full freedom of movement, a securer grip and greater tactility. available to suit different activities. But don't forget that not only the insulation but also the breathability of the glove plays an important role in its ability to insulate For instance, GORE-TEX® gloves with X-TRAFIT TM product technology. Only highly breathable gloves will allow the perspiration produced by the hand to escape from the glove, ensuring that the insulation layer stays reliably dry The drier the insulation, the warmer your hands. Grip Peak 2682 m Warm Summit 2136 m FREERIDE SKIING O ALPINE SKIING SNOWBOARDING SKI RACING O MOUNTAINEERING ICE-CLIMBING 8 SKI- MOUNTAINEERING PARK & PIPE 4 RIDING HOW TO MEASURE YOUR GLOVE SIZE Glove sizing may differ slightly between different glove manufacturers. Please note that our chart is for HAND CIRCUM- FERENCE general glove sizing only. Measure the total circumference of your hand, across your palm and just behind your knuckles do not include your thumb. Hold the measuring tape firmly, but not tightly, making sure there is no slack. EU sizes US women's sizes 1 XXS XS 12 13 | |14 | 15 | 16 | 6,5 HAND CIRCUMFERENCE IN CM 17| 18 | 20 22 | 23 |24 |25 7,5 8. 9| 8,5| 10l 9,5 US men's sizes XL XXL XL US women's sizes HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR GLOVES WE DOs DON'Ts Hand wash your gloves in lukewarm water with little detergent. Do not use fabric softener. After washing, gently squeeze them from finger to wrist to remove any excess water. When you dry your gloves you should position them so that the wrist opening points downwards. Do not wring your gloves out and do not place them in direct sunlight or on heater to dry. Put on your gloves in a half dry state and make a fist to restore them to their original shape. Do not place damp gloves on other garments. Dyed leather can stain when it is wet. Dry leather gloves at room temperature. Shell gloves can be tumble dried at a low heat setting. Protect your gloves against mechanical impact from buckles, ski edges, and other sharp objects. Restore the water repellency at regular intervals to maintain the beading effect. Use a water based repellent restorative. Never use a silicon based water repellent restorative to treat GORE-TEX gloves. It will clog the pores of the membrane and reduce breathability. GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY GORE-TEX Sources: GORE-TEX, X-TRAFIT" and GORE and designs are registered trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates. MOISTURE MOISTURE SWEAT

5 Steps To The Optimal Glove

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Those who do sports in the ice and snow know there are many important factors influencing how comfortable one feels in cold temperatures. The gloves you wear have to meet the individual needs, weather...




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