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5 Fun Exercises Using Rope

5 FUN EXERCISES USING ROPE Battle Rope exercises come in many different forms and all have their own physical benefits. Power Slams (pictured) is one of the most popular techniques used. The method used is as follows: Grabbing the ropes with a closed grip, get into a quarter-squat position with your arms at rest. With a rope in each hand, raise your arms, forcibly flex and extend your shoulders, and slam the rope as you squat. After you slam, extend at the hip and stand up, returning to the starting position. Battle Rope Other Battle Rope exercises include Snakes, Claps, Outside Circles and Jumping jacks. Tug of war involves and requires dedication, fitness, and most importantly good technique - it can bring an immense sense of achievement and satisfaction, as well as exhaustion, when your team has dragged their opponents the required 4 metres. Unfortunately Tug of war is competed over the best of three pulls, so you've got 90 seconds to recover only to do it all over again! There's a lot that can be gained from Tug of war - teamwork, personal fitness and a sense of achievement and pride. Tug of War Skipping is a great calorie-burner, fact. For novices, a beaded rope is recommended because it holds its shape and is easier to control than a lightweight cloth or vinyl rope. Adjust the rope by holding the handles and stepping on the rope. Shorten the rope so the handles reach your armpits. Wear properly fitted athletic shoes, preferably cross-training shoes Skipping Skipping improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same time, which is why most athletes jump the rope. Rope climbing has been an immense test of physical strength for decades. Previously an Olympic competition and to this day used as a strength test in the military, rope climbing helps build cardiovascular endurance and total body strength, alongside explosive power. Requiring only a 20 foot piece of rope and a beam or branch to suspend it from, you can setup a rope climb in your garage or garden for at home workout! Rope Climbing Okay, so this one is slightly different to the others, as this one is aimed really at kids. Perhaps you struggle to find time to take your children out to do something active, which means they're glued to the TV screen. A rope swing is a way of getting them outside and keeping them outside, can easily be put together in your garden or at a nearby park. Rope Swing Use a tyre or plank of wood as the seat - good exercise and also good fun! Sources: Ropes Direct

5 Fun Exercises Using Rope

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You'd be seriously surprised at the amount of exercises you can benefit from physically using rope. Take a look at these 5 fun exercises, all of which require rope!


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