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26 Top Ways to Recover From Workouts and Injuries With Lightning Speed

26 TOP WAYS TO RECOVER FROM WORKOUTS AND INJURIES WITH LIGHTNING SPEED SBESTRECOVERY TECHNIQUES 1. ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture is relatively painless, and involves stimulating certain points on the body using a variety of techniques - with the most common being penetrating the skin with super-fine needles (which are then manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation). Used occasionally, it has been proven to help in recovery from muscular fatigue, recovery from overtraining and adrenal fatigue, as well as management of muscle pain. 2. STEM CELL THERAPY: Stem cells have incredible healing abilities and can be transformed into neurons, muscle, and several different types of connective tissue - allowing for rapid joint "regeneration". Some options include injection, or ingestion of marine phytoplankton. 3. CRYOTHERAPY: The benefits of all forms of “cryotherapy" include enhanced immune system, increased cell longevity, decreased level of inflammatory molecules such interleukin-6, and of course, an incredible tolerance to be able to run outside and do snow angels in your underwear. Try cold showers, soaks, or body cooling gear. 4. PROLOTHERAPY: It is the precise injection of a solution into the areas where tendons and ligaments attach to bone, or into places where cartilage is worn or damaged. This creates a localized, controlled inflammatory process that stimulates the body's own repair mechanisms to heal the damaged tissue. 5. DELOADING: A deload week is just a fancy word for an easy recovery week. Add a deload week every 4-8 weeks. Do mobility work, yoga, easy "injury prevention" style workouts, skills and drills to work on efficiency and economy, or learning new exercises and movements. 11 PIECES OF THE BEST RECOVERY GEAR 6) VIBRATION PLATFORM: A vibration platform has been shown to not only increase strength, power and speed, but to also result in a hormonal, immune system and anti-inflam- matory response that can speed recovery. Stand on one for a few minutes in the morning or evening, or implement it into your actual workout routine (such as balance, yoga, lifting, etc.). 7) COMPRESSION: Studies have shown that when you wear compression gear during a hard workout, your performance in subsequent workouts may be better than if you hadn't worn it - possibly because the increased blood flow from compression helps to restore muscle glycogen levels and to clear metabolic waste. 8) KINESIOTAPE: Kinesiotape increases fluid drainage through special channels formed in the skin, and may alter joint motion through the elastic tension applied to the tape. It supposedly lifts the skin away from the muscle, which is supposed to increase blood flow and lymph drainage. 9) MAGNETS: Can be used to improve nervous tissue regeneration and wound healing. The proposed mechanism of action via which magnets might improve recovery include increased blood flow, changes in the migration of calcium ions, alteration of pH balance, changes in hormone production, and an alteration of enzyme activity. 10) FOAM ROLLER: Deep-tissue massage and trigger-point therapy are the only true ways to remove knots from your muscles. Your ideal workout recovery order should be: foam rolling to exercise, back to foam rolling, and finishing with stretching. 11) MASSAGE STICK: Ideal for travel, and can do the trick for body parts where you need good leverage, such as your calves, forearms, neck or hips. 12) ELECTROSTIMULATION (EMS): EMS increases blood flow to the area of damaged muscle tissue. You simply place the electrodes over the area that need enhanced blood flow, and the electrical current causes a muscle contraction that results in heat and blood flow. 13) COLD LASER: This is a medical treatment that uses lasers or light-emitting diodes to reduce pain related to inflammation. Effective for tendinitis, arthritis, and both acute and chronic pain, and it can lower levels of pain producing chemicals such as prostaglandins and interleukin while decreasing oxidative stress from free radicals, bruises, swelling, and bleeding. 14) FAR INFARED: Far infrared light is comprised of radiant heat waves, very similar to the type of heat waves we get from direct sunlight. Exposure has been shown to raise white blood cell count and enhance immunity, but can also heat tissue and increase blood flow to injured or recovering muscles. 15) PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY: PEMF uses electri- cal energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue. Each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair by upregulating a tissue repair protein called "heat shock protein," and by increasing the uptake of oxygen and nutrients into tissue. 16) INVERSION: Inversion has been shown to assist with lymph fluid circulation, back pain, blood flow and circulation, and spinal or hip mis-alignment from high impact workouts. 10 TO USE NUTRITION TO 5 WAS TO USE COMBAT ADRENAL FATIGUE WAYS AID YOUR RECOVERY 1) 1. Eat a ton of extremely nutrient dense foods (ex. eggs with the yolk) 17) FASTING 18) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET (pineapple, ginger.) 19) VITAMIN C 20) PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES 21) AMINO ACIDS 22) FISH OIL 23) FERRITIN & IRON 24) GLUCOSAMINE & CONDROTIN 2) Get rid of items that tend to aggravate the adrenal glands and make fatigue worse (ex. caffeine). 3) No caloric depletion, fasted workouts or intermittent fasting and going “hungry" during workouts. 25) CURCUMIN 26) MAGNESIUM 4) Consider using adrenal supporting supplements (ex. red ginsing). 5) Do 2-4 weeks of easy, aerobic workouts only (no hard intervals or “monster training sessions), along with relaxing movements. WHAT ABOUTNSAIDS FORRECOVERY? Unfortunately, when you take a NSAID's, you prevent your body from manufacturing prostaglandins, which are natural substances that are involved in mechanisms such as protecting your stomach lining, regulating blood and calling in inflammation to an area that has been injured (which can result in pain, redness, swelling and discomfort as that natural inflammatory process takes place). pressure, Researchers have concluded that “NSAID consumption by athletes is not harmless and should be discouraged". View Full Article at

26 Top Ways to Recover From Workouts and Injuries With Lightning Speed

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Simple recovery tips or home recovery gear that will have you bouncing back from workouts, races, events and injuries as fast as possible.


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