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2012 San Francisco Giants

shart Chartball Season Histories 1885: Name changad to Glants art Champlon (pre-World Series) Lose World Serles Win World Serles, 4-1 er Phila. Athlatics Ochart San Francisco Giants,* 2012 Win Workd Saries 5-3 over Yankes Win World Sertes, 4-0-lovar Yarkeas Win World Series, 4-1 over Senaton art Win World Serles, 4-0 over Indar Taom moves to San Francisco Franchise History Char Win World Sertas, 4-1 over Rangars Win Workd Sarles 40 ovar Tigurs Ochart Height of eachbar indicates winningpercentage that year. Regular Season 4 8) 2012 San Francisco Giants MANAGER: Bruoe Bochy GENERAL MANAGER: BrianSabean Postseason ua The beam starts 0-3 but scores its first winon aBarry complete eame shout W TO READ THESE CHARTS., Patlo Sandoval who starts theseason witha 20 game hitting streak breaks a bone in hs hand and misses a month Ovange cicles indicate wins. Plus signs indicate exta innings: eom Melley Cabrerahas a hot manthot May tying a recordwithS hts MadsonBumgamerhits his tirst home nun and pitches a pertect geme, the strikes out 12 batbers trstin frachisehistory The nest day Met Cain pom AR NLwins the AISta Game8-0 powered by ants Melley Cabrera(MVP) Pabo Sandowal Matt Can andBuster Pocey- al startes PIT PHI Locked in a tight dvisionrace wththe Dodaers Giants pickup Marco Scutarotromthe Rodies andthen Hunter Pencetom the Ptilles MIA LAD ARI COL STL Cabrera is supended ater adrugtest shows elevated bestos tompe OAK ML Ontheroad aairet the trst-olaos Dodaem the Giants score athvee game swoep and own tedivision kadtor therest ofthe saason CHC SOP TEX SEA HOU ATL 5 570 17 2 0 a 4 5 20 3 5 1 29 455 11 23 36 2 39165 2 3 25 4 5 6 0o 6 a 4 877 5 2 2 143 10 265 35 2530627 2 3 12 6 4 8 4000 0 5 2 a9965 31312 20 4 3 25 4 12 65 10 4 8 1 29 4 6 3 8 203 336 14 16 1771142 3 77 2 4 4 6 25 8 8 62 306832 2 10 1 3 1214670 317 533559 1346 13801030 0 3 4 4678 4 5 412 414 4672263 2 412 24 5 41 22 15 7 34178 42 46 5 14 6 a 3 4314 2 2 3568050 6 10 3 4 4 155059 282 351 1 4 3 45 61 25 3 399 2 7637 33 3o07 41 116 11 8 2 4 15 109926410 8 12 485 531368 4579625 2 4 59 86 3 2267958 42673 3 72 4120 28 6471 3 5 6 98 2 2 4 LAA LAD CIN With their ownpostseson berth asared the Giants endthe Dodgars chanoes torawidcardspot. WSN PIT Downi-3n te NUCS te Giarts come alive anderush the Cards 20-linthe tnal 3games sne NYM Pablo Sandoval hits 3 homers in Gmel of the World Series tor theunderdog Giants and the Teen nevecreenunE LAD COL STL .com COL SDP ATL CHC AR LAD COL recover the team pe, the better is hittine overal ARI COL SDP AR SOP CET Ceponent Margin of VicfoRY/LOS8 Opponent Score Charth Pablo Sandoval Moky Cabrera Angal Angel Pagan Buster Poney Melley Cabrera Pablo Sandowal Pablo Sandowal Brandon Bat Brandon Bat Angal Pagan Pablo Sandoval ertof fea Angsi Pagan HunterPence म Maroo Soutoro Marco Soutaro Segments indicate each player's contribution, defined as a 5-gamerolling average of On-base percentage plus Slugging peroentage Hurte Pac Pitching Rostorisom tbacom Oppanent ban Starter Size of outlined arcle represents innings pitched in that game. Gray drcle 321 Indicates number of Earned Runs alowed. (W-Win, L-Loss, S=Save) Xba Pitching (W TimLinoroum JaramyAtta -O-O Santago Gasla MadsonBmgame Sergio Romo Ryan Vogsor -O-O-O Home Plate Umpie Hul. Javier Lope iathaimaltnlint ldlılhlulhuth Ill - Day or Night JaemyAt LenghotGame Santago Cala DO-otss- Sagio Romo Atbandance HOME/ AWAY Manth APRIL Standings Chartshows games ah and or behind in division First place lead Glants ank in thestandings AUGUS Games behind Chart LAD (Cosest beam in atandings) SUMM ARY OF SEASON STATI STICS FNALSTANDINGS, NATIONAL LEAGLE WEST Bandon Ben daco Giant EIWhteide NL MVP Buster Posey Bigger Circks- More Innings Played 4.San Digo Pads 5.Colorade Rockies Buster Roea Fielding Bret PI POST SE ASON BOX SCOORES Bigge Cirdes= More Plat Appearances Gay Hensley Division Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Cinçinnati Reds Buster Posey was the winner of the 2012 National League MVP, Comeback Player of the kar, the Hark Aaron Award and the Silvar Slugger Award AubreyHult am Batting Bigger Cieles Morelnnings BrettAI com 123456TSORHE Pitching Ptched llom Josa Mjares ON 0103000so 9no SFG O O Ooooooo O20 Defenalve Brandon Crawtord Pablo Sandova Phys (dhance) Reriming Played Javier ON 1000 o000 o e 14 ao00onoooes aN O 0 0 0 2100:421 Home Runs Ruan Theit Bary Zito ON 1010o1000 a90 As Pacantage d Plate Appearanos Steve Lap Santago Caslla Guakme HOME RLN OIN, Be Ma eday. Oder2012 MekyCatrera M ERs HOME RUNS ON- Francisco Paguero Chaie Qberson Walks Edlatoan Mota J PNips SFG Game veh ONE RINSE Sando orBlaco Paga Octaber10 2012 Afee SAVE- noneHOMERUNS:SFG-non CIN LP. MLw W U Semin hms HME BLNS SFO Py Emmanel Buriss parcentage Xavier Nady oftamers League Championship Series: San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals Team Avg. Nate Schatdt Angel Pagan Joaguin Arias Mogelaong Jaaqun Aias Bandntat Goorge Kontos Xavier Nady Pabio Sandoval Marco Scutaro Hactor Sandhez Huntar Pance MattCan Meby Catvera Aubray Huf Anga Pagan Gregor ancos Game 1 Sunday, October H 2012 LP-MadsonBumgarner. WP- Edward Ma cx SAVE Jaon Mete HOME RUNS STL-Ben, Fre FG-none Banoo OCha Game 2 Manday. Octaber 5. 2012 LP-Chrts Caperter, WP. Ryan Vagil sor: SAVE-noneHOME RUNS Sergio Romo Game 3 Wenesday, October R2012 LP-Man Can, WPkyeLohse SAVE Jaono the HOMERINS FG-none: SIL Carpenber STL NLCS MVP Brandon Crawtord Game 4: Thunday Otober 8.202 LP TimLincecm:WP-Adm Waanrght SAVE-noreHOME RUS: SFG- Rno Sandv: STL none Justin Chvistian GameS: Friday. October 19 202 LP- LanoelynWP-Barry Za SAVE non HOME RNS SFG- Sandovat STL- Ryan Thenot Emman Buiss Dan Otero Marco Scutaro Gilaspie Game 7Monday. October22 2012 LP-KyLotse WP. Man Cair SAVE none HOMERLNS SIL non SFG Balt 00% 14 hits in the serles Including a record 6 multi-tit games. World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Tigers SAVE- noneHOME RUNS:STL non SPG Enos Rerinning Played 0.02 S0% Stikeouts As Rarcantage d Plte Appearance DET O 0 0 0O1002 380 SFG 1 03 110aoane EXTRA INNINGS Chartball corente owartal, Versen 10 n 80% Strikeou ts Asa parontage ofbamers toad Sra 01o0oaooo1 4 DET O 020 o100 00 35 SERIES MVP Pablo Sandoval Cns Wednioday Orteher 2 2012 Temrame an undtrirformatiorni purpoenonly. Theteam ard playwn 300% IPninvulmdr:WP-BarryZto SVE none HOME RNE DET-Raraba SFO Sandovalta Gam 2 Thusday. Oc tober252012 LP-DouEter WD. Mel Bumeamer:SAVE Sergo Romo HOME DLNS DETngnc SFG-nere Game 3 Sapudaw.Octer27. 2012 com otendorsed or uported this poductinany sy Muchof the inforraionute com Game4 Sunday.October28 3012 LP- PN O WP. SartuanCasa SVE-Sergio Rermo HOME RLNS SFG- Pewey DET Caera Young Hit .500, Includng 3 home runs In Voelrg SA we Dimo HOME PLNS SEG-nenk DET- none ofchage romandin coprightei by Reroateet Inteetedprtiesmay contad Retrahet atwwwreteateet.og Credt i alo duno othe datanoutes including Senlamanis ebal Ardwe MRcomanda gnwouncommunly that spportaand maintainachtatia com Game 1 com VieCertb.combrtheldet iation ofsport data com com tball.c rtball. com OCharth Charth

2012 San Francisco Giants

shared by chartball on May 09
A complete visual history of the 2012 San Francisco Giants, World Series champions.


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