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2011 Wimbledon - Differing Serves

Contact point is much higher than other players Moves through contact motion quickly Similar toss used every Long arms enable contact from 10 feet up time Strong legs help leg drive Great trunk rotation sets up serve Ivo Karlovic John Isner Milos Raonic Andy Roddick Roger Federer Height: 6 foot 10 Current ranking: 143 Fastest serve: 156 mph (251 km/h) at 2011 Davis Cup (fastest all-time) Height: 6 foot 9 Current ranking: 46 Fastest serve: 144 mph (232 km/h) at 2010 U.S. Open (t-1oth all-time) Height: 6 foot 5 Current ranking: 26 Fastest serve: 150 mph (241 km/h) at 2011 Memphis (t-5th all-time) Height: 6 foot 2 Current ranking: 10 Fastest serve: 155 mph (249 km/h) at 2004 Davis Cup (2nd all-time) Height: 6 foot 1 Current ranking: 3 Fastest serve: 137 mph (220 km/h) at 2010 Wimbledon Height and athleticism drive the strong mechanics of this Canadian's serve. He starts with tremendous leg huge, known for its power, which is drive other tall players haven't shown, which translates into back- hip drive. He then has great trunk rotation, which sets up the serve. His impressive shoulder internal rotation and wrist flexion are key to generating the power and speed in the serve. Federer's fluid, deceptive serve is known for its strategic placement and the use of spins rather than pure Serves coming off the racket of "Dr. Ivo" often look to an opponent more like an overhead smash due to the fact he's hitting the ball from such a uniquely high place. The tallest man to appear on the ATP Tour can torment opponents by sending the ball off his racquet at unusual angles and speeds. His serve descends from such a high angle that it bites into the court and often bounces into the stands. His While he isn't one of the tallest players on tour, Roddick's serve is power. His serve is difficult to read because he always uses a similar toss regardless of the type of serve or where he intends to place it. As Federer goes through his wind-up he is relaxed and slowly builds the racquet up to speed as he brings it into the power position. generated from big use of his legs. He is noted to use heavy topspin on both his first and second serves, and he kicks higher and harder during long limbs allow him to slam down balls from approximately 10 feet above the ground, which causes an unusual trajectory opponents aren't used to seeing and they often say the ball takes off strangely when it hits the ground. One journalist once compared his lanky right-arm swing to that of a guillotine blade. his twist serve than most other players. He moves through the winding motion extremely quickly. RACHEL BRADY AND MATTHEW BAMBACH/THE GLOBE AND MAIL ยป SOURCES: BRUCE ELLIOTT, USATODAY, POPULAR MECHANICS, ITENNISSTORE.COM, FUZZYYELLOWBALLS.COM, ATPTOUR.COM

2011 Wimbledon - Differing Serves

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A comparison of serves amongst some of tennis' biggest stars.


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