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10 Therapeutic Exercises for Runners & Triathletes

+ Flexiblity & Strength Recovery for Runners & Triathletes I MACROPHAGE After physical damage to muscles during training, degeneration begins with inflammation. Immune cells called "Macrophages" gobble up cellular debris left behind from muscle trauma and muscle-cell death. 40% o 60% SLOW FAST Scare them away by following the 10 exercises below! IMPORTANT FIBERS Fast muscle fibers move 5X faster than slow muscle fibers. Super-fast fibers move 10X faster than slow fibers. Slow fibers resist fatigue & are found largely in postural neck muscles. Fast fibers falique quickly, are found largely in arm & leg muscles. Average Amount of Muscle Fibers 10 Therapeutic Exercises Belly Chest, Chest Belly Toes to Nose • Lie on your back, in neutral posture, both knees bent so that soles of your feet are resting flat on the floor. Breathe • Lie on your back with both knees bent, with one foor on floor. The other leg is supported behind the knee with both hands. • Straighten this knee, keeping toes pointed at nose. • Repeat with the other leg. deeply and comfortably. • Shift your breath from belly to chest'and back to belly. • Repeat. Ankle Knee Belt Straight (rope) • Lie on your back, grasp your knee and ankle, pulling both toward your opposite shoulder until a stretch is felt. The other leg should be straight. • Hold. • Repeat this with both legs. • Lie on your back, in neutral posture, with one knee bent so that the sole of foot is resting flat on floor. Place a belt around the ball of foot. • Grasp belt and straighten leg until tension is felt, pull belt until a stretch is felt. • Repeat with other leg. Belt to Side Leg Cross Over • Lie on your back, neutral and flat pósture. Place belt around foot, keeping legs straight. Raíse leg slightly while holding belt with opposite arm slowly bring leg across opposite leg until a stretch is felt and hold. • Repeat with other leg. • Lie on your back, neutral posture, cross leg over opposite leg, grasp opposite leg at knee, slowly pull knee toward chest until'a stretch is felt. • Hold, • Repeat with other leg. Trunk Twist Side Lying Thigh Stretch ------------------------------- • Lie on your back, neutral position, grasp leg at knee rotate toward opposite leg and reach with opposite hand in opposite direction until stretch is felt. • Hold. • Repeat the other side. • Lie on your side. Grasp foot ankle of side that is up. Pull heel in toward buttocks until stretch is felt. • Hold. • Repeat with opposite leg. Curl Ups (back press) Side Bend & Reach -------- • Lie on your stomach, keep neutral posture. • Slowly press upper body upward until chest is off the floor and back is arched. • Hold. Tip: Keep hips in contact with floor and keep low back and buttocks relaxed. • Start from a standing position, neutral posturé, head in chin tuck position. • Slowly reach up toward ceiling with palm facing up until stretch is felt. • Hold. • Repeat with opposite arm. Performance of these therapeutic exercises is technically called "Myofascial Reorganization." This is a unique treatment program developed by Bruce R. Wilk P.L., 0.C.S. that incorporates therapeutic exercise with manual therapy. Sources http:t/www.muscleandstrengt h.oom/ articlestmuscle- and-mu ml E @GoneForaRUN http://bet a. act hlont articlest bre aking-it-down- physidlogy -running- and-recovery- 87 35 93 GONE FORA RUN The Running Injury Recovery Program .com

10 Therapeutic Exercises for Runners & Triathletes

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10 do-it-at-home therapeutic exercises to help athletes recover from atrophy, muscle-cell death, and loss-of-gains. It's packed with helpful instructions, all that's left is to try it!





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