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10 Signs You're Addicted to Football

10 signs 888 YOU'RE ADDICTED TO sport FOOTBALL A mid-table clash in League 2 is a more attractive proposition than sex You are late for the birth of your first child because the game is still on You go into work feeling like a zombie after you couldn't sleep because you were thinking about tactics 2. You spend £62 on a match ticket and think this is perfectly normal 3. You spend £800 (£7,000 a year) a month travelling to, drinking at and watching games and think this is perfectly normal You wake in the night in a cold sweat after dreaming your team has been relegated 5. You find yourself daydreaming about that goal from a 1995 third round replay You've gone on a stadium tour and gesticulated like a manager in the technical area At least half your working day is spent looking at You Tube compilations of your club's transfer targets You Tube 6. You spend an entire day avoiding friends, putting your fingers in your ears and imposing a media blackout to avoid knowing a result NEWS football You never look past the football section in a newspaper and the only internet bookmarks on your computer are of gossip columns and sports news sites SPORTS NEWS If you see an old lady fall over, instead of helping her, you brandish an imaginary card and book her for diving Your entire Christmas wish-list consists of football-related merchandise 8. 9. Your social life has dwindled to nil because you'd rather stay in and play football manager You comfort yourself that, despite losing your job, being dumped by your girlfriend and putting on 5 stone, at least there's always the football season around the corner 10. 18 If a match is on, you'll do anything to see it whether it's being there, finding a dodgy pub with BT Sport or streaming a Latvian Internet feed - if your team's playing you WILL watch £62 4.

10 Signs You're Addicted to Football

shared by addz123 on May 08
This funny infographic describes ten signs that you're addicted to football (Europe).


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