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The YouTube Opportunity

FanBridge presents: The YouTube Opportunity Where building audiences means real dollars for content creators. YOUTUBE FACTS: $350M of YouTube's money committed to original exclusive content Today, there are 100s of YouTube-funded channels There are millions of Creators on YouTube overall O 800+ million unique users visit YouTube each month. Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. We surveyed over 100 funded and un-funded channel owners to find out how they are approaching growing, retaining, and monetizing their audiences. AVERAGE RESPONDENT PROFILE: 95,996 Aug. number of channel 26% 86% have funded channels upload 3 or fewer videos per week subscribers DO THEY HAVE MONETIZATION (YOUTUBE AD REVENUE SHARE) ENABLED? 77% 15% 8% yes no don't know what this means Other growing income streams included live events, merchandise, and sponsorships/product placement. WHERE ELSE ARE THEY PROMOTING THEIR VIDEOS? 85% Facebook 70% Tuitter 53% Own Wesite g+ 45% Google Phes 26% Email 24% Instugram 24% Tumblr 17% SounaClond in 17% Linked In 12% Pinterest YouTube video is the #1 content source engaged with across the 650m+ fans managed by the FanBridge platform. EMAIL USE IS INCREASING 26% already use email (outside of YouTube) to communicate with their audience. 52% of those not using email today are planning on doing so in the future. HOW MANY HOURS ARE SPENT PROMOTING THEIR CHANNELS EACH WEEK? 46% 1 hour 1-3 hours 18% 3-8 hours 21% 8-15 hours 6% 15+ hours 9% ill HOW CAN YOUTUBE BE MORE HELPFUL? Grow O Growing my audience o Audience retention (keeping viewers coming back) Engage Monetize O Monetization Other options included: Deeper Analytics, Programming Strategy, and Video Production. 20% of respondents are making a full-time living from YouTube activities. 93% of channel owners feel it is solely their own responsibility for developing their audiences on YouTube. "It's my responsibility to do the work, itťs YouTube's responsibility to provide reliable tools/features to work with on their platform." -Channel with 205,000 subscribers @ FanBridge The leading Audience CRM/marketing platform for YouTube, social media and email. O

The YouTube Opportunity

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The team at FanBridge — a tool for monitoring audience growth and retention — has put together an infographic of funded and non-funded channels that highlights how channel owners are monetizing Yo...




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