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Is Your Social Media Life Ready For Armageddon?

Online security Breaches A rough year for online security breaches Even the biggest sites suffered from Hackers exposing loopholes in their security Here are some of the most serious account compromises of 2012 Apple AOL Formspring Gamigo Global Payments GOogle Hotmail Linkedin TWitter Yahoo zappos Ok, What are the numbers! Apple 12,367,232 AOL 25,000 Formspring 420,000 Gamigo Global Payments 8,240,000 1,500,000 GOogle I60,000 NUmber of Hotmail compromised Accounts 55,000 Linkedin 6,500,000 TWitter 60,000 Yahoo 400,000 24,000,000 zappos SOCial Media Searity RiskS TO Recognize and Avoid Malicious software, application based threats these trick people into ATTACK providing confidential information Google Malware public wi-fi withot passwords or stolen hardware! ПЕ Phishing Attacks Physical or Conneoted Threats confidential info can be shared With friends + followers Private information may be overshared unknowingy Intelectual Property Leakage Privacy settings Tin 7 Minutes online are spent on social Networking DO We Make it Easy For Hackers? 3 out of 5 Feel Vunerable tO being Hacked online Stick Here Stick Here More than half of those polled do not password protect their mobile devices despite connecting to company 20% Yet! Of Social media Users Never Change Privacy settings networks, banks and other sensifive information 69% 50% 36% Store card details Re-Use passwords on more than one site Don't change passwords regilarly directiy on websites some of us think We are doing a good job 69% Re-Use passwords! But 68% Half Think they take precavtions tó protect Themselves online Don't change passwords reguary Dont be just another breach victim! Here are 8 qick fips to keep you safe **** Remember Password? Yes No WI F Use strong 4 Unique passwords for every site Never store passwords in upur browser Avöid accessing important accounts on open Wifi Use a PassWord manager Verify that emai inks go to legimate sites Change your password as soon as upu know of a breach Back-up ypr fies and social media Never store credit cards or personal details on sites 25% Of all browsers are not up to date Linked in The social Dot to Dot. 7 Social Media Tips Use strong and unique passwords for Think first before every site you posti twitter Keep your system up-To-date 33 13 watch for SUSpicious inks, apps and ad-ons 22 • 18- Be carefu of inks on social media sites, verify them Use Encryption Where POSsiole Get your security seings right flickr frostbox Sources: ESET/Harris Interactive, "The Social Networking / Cybersafety Disconnect." June 2011, comscore, "70 Percent of UK Male Smartphone Owners Use Emal on the Go" Aug. 2011, cent-of-male-smartphone-owners-use-email-on-the-go/ Nielsen Company, "Intemet & Social Media Corsumer insights." June 2010, Confident Technologies, "Survey Shows Mobile Users Choose Convenience Over Security." Sept. 2011, Identity theft resource contre Lookout Mobile Security, "Malwarenomics: 2012 Mobile Threat Predictions." Dec. 2011, To secure your online data visit One Stop Backup For Social Media junkies... ---------. 000000 0000 spralpd proɔ O0000OO000O SSeppy raw3 OOOOCO00000O OO00000000 JOquN auoud

Is Your Social Media Life Ready For Armageddon?

shared by Frostbox on Dec 19
Infographic showing the biggest online security breaches of 2012 and how they can be avoided in the future.




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