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Your Brain on Social

GOING SOCIAL HAS AN ACTUAL CHEMICAL EFFECT ON OUR BRAINS. .... Tweeting for 10 minutes can raise OXYTOCIN ....... levels in the blood as much as 13%. YOUR BRAIN On Social OXYTOCIN Creates feelings of O trust and security Reduces O anxiety levels ... CONSTANT NOTIFICATIONS FROM OUR SOCIAL PROFILES AND ... MOBILE DEVICES ACT LIKE “REWARD CUES." Our bodies also receive We are trained to expect information, and receiving that information activates a region of our brain called the nucleus accumbens. adrenaline from checking in on social media. .****.. Making it addictine! This is the same area that is activated when the brain processes feelings about food, sex, and money! A SURVEY OF 18-85 YEAR OLDS FOUND A majority of people found social media harder to resist than Smoking Drinking Spending Sleeping Sex Money JUST 5 HOURS OF SURFING THE INTERNET CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOUR BRAIN WORKS AND HOW OFTEN ARE WE WHAT EFFECT HAS THIS ON THE WEB? HAD ON US? The average Facebook 1 user is on Facebook B1 hours a year. The average attention span 2000 000000 The average office worker checked their email 12 sec 30-40 times an hour. 2013 The average person S switches between devices 21 times an hour. όόό ό όό 00 8 sec the number of people simultaneously using devices has increased 500% in just 3 years. The average attention span of a goldfish 9 seconds. .... OTHERS CLAIM THAT SOCIAL MEDIA Autocorrect Impairs our brain's ability to read and write Diminishes our ability to recall memory love my Kem. hain! (With so much information at our fingertips, who needs to remember anything?) Fuels our narcissism (90% of our conversations on social media are about ourselves) SOCIAL MEDIA CERTAINLY REWARDS OUR BRAINS... but is it for the better? SOURCES BLINESS WITHOUT ORDs

Your Brain on Social

shared by gryffin on Aug 27
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This is a normal brain. This is your brain on social. Is this for the better?


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