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You Tube: Most Viewed Videos of All Time in All Categories

YouTube Most Viewed Videos of All Time in All Categories: onedois AA squaliro 11 ok LOW ххх FREE HUGS 25. J+h, 71 iiLIKEIT SVE 52 62 Entque lgiesias-ILkeit 64 OG614 views TIK TOK KESHA Parody Giter Puke Key of Awefome 13 56.901.611 views Justin Beber Never Let You Go Pucpet Pals The Mysserious Ticking Noise HOT DOG Song Mickey Mouse Outhouse David Gueta Baty Ludagris SAS AI5 RO views 75.461.432 views & Chria Wiia The World 68.657.952 views 425.170,112 views 110 ROA 01 vews 85,541,927 views Ferne A LMFAO 53 Rhanna - What's My Name? t Drake 74,813.420 views 73 Mley Oyrus - 7 Things Offo Musie Video Travie McCov Bilonaine Bruno Mars DFFICIA VCEO JOfoal wideooip) 23 33 43 Lady Gaga- Bad Romance 326,952,206 views Barack Obama Hlary Cinton- Umbrela 106,483,041 views Jaz in My Pants 94,322.072 views 63 Bruno Mars Just The Wiy You Are JOfficial Videol 68.261.663 views 58,7.00 views TELL ME SOMETHING Music Video 56,872.159 viewn 140,738,005 views 63.351.951 views 13 34 54 24 My Chemical Romance Teenagers Videol 62,962.082 views 83 Shakira ft. Freshlyground- Waka Waka This Time for Atsca (The Offical 2010 FIFA Word Cup (TM Song Lady Gaga Just Dance ft. Colby ODonis 129.685.000 views Timbaland-Apologe at One Republi 92 346.659 views Shipwecked 2002 aling the flicper "Empre State of Mnd" JavZIAlcia Keys IOFFICIAL 64 Besf 'n Go SA 721 21 vi Intro La casa de Mictey Mouse ICancion del principiol 93 Pody Training 56,829.564 vewws 82.185 543 vieews 104 11346 views 74.42.703 views We Are The World 25 84 Miey Cyrus- Fly On The Wal- Official Music Video HO 58,668.972 views For Hati Crical Video 67.564.399 views 14 45 75 Justin Bieber Never Say Never ft Jaden Smith Britins Got Talent or Americas Got Talent Conne Live On Earth Single Videol Jason Mraz I'm Yours 55 Taio Crua Dymamite 94 Lady Gaga Poker Face 56.786.207 views Lo que ta Quieras Oi Aerosmith-IDon't Wanna 128,142,437 views Miss a Thing 74.294.020 views 104, 100, 785 vews 82,114,142 views 65 Jessica Aba & Hayden 62,756.049 views Charle bit my fingeragan 91,860,112 views 36 Lambada 67,204,161 views Hgnschoo hmed the Dead Terorist 101 000 vews 01.482 40v 41 006 522 views Dorma hgh guality videol sound widescreen 169 73.799.660 views 58.322.138 views Munic Videol Step Lin 30 56.302.007 views 126,168.065 views 8 views You Lie ft. Rihanna 251,371,726 views Katy PerryFrework 66.8A174 views 47 27 Rihanna- Rude Boy 124.5 0 vews Justin Beber One Less Lonely Gir 100,751,782 views Jason Derulo Whancha Say (Videol 89,556,406 views Video StroboscoDy of the Vocal Cords 80,645.068 views Bo- Nothin' On You eat Buno Mars Idon't lke youu Mommy 61,664811 views 67 He hop dance competition M.382 524 views 57 Miey Cyrus- Party in The USA Official Music Vidoo Amin van Buuren ft Sharon Dity Dancing Tme den Adel-in and Out of Love Official Munic Vdeol 73.588.916 views Videol of my Life final Dance) High Qualty 66,754054 views 48 SA 230.104 views 78 Tooin' Bathtub Baby Cousins 28 123.882,141 yews Selena Gomer & The Soene Naturally 78.192.947 views "Chocolate Ran The Gummy Bear S Long thgish Versic 90.970.043 views Edward Maya & Va o Love 87 i fyd Peas Susan Boyle Brans Talent 2009 CE Duocucun 58 68 60,900,582 Nor Adraid 172 563401 vews 80.120 202 C ugs Campag mic by Sick Puppies net e5.02 262 views Eu French Mion 71.749.973 views 56 28.073 vews 29 n Caa Teleshone Bevone Jason Dendo In My Head IOffical Lynics VWideol 77.349 257 views KWeddng Entance Dance 39 Jonas Brothers-Burnin' Lp Ofical Music Video HOI In the Bedroom 57.765.146 views Evolution of Dance By Judson Laipoly 19 Lady Gaga Alejando 114. 167.7 vews 99.002.919 vievws 59 Gummbar - CHO KA KA O 71,070,864 views 50.997, 106 vievws Nuki Nuki (The Nu Sona Full Version Gummy Bear 55,923,155 vews 87,779.879 views 69 Akon "Don't Matter 65.272.093 views 100,440,055 vews 80 Miey Cyrus Can't Be Tamed 50.477,536 views High School Musical 57.256.877 views Vanessa Hudgens Say Ck Music Video IOffioal with Za Efron) 98,000.682 views 40 David After Dentist Bodybuilder Tamer E Shahat 77.194672 views poses biceps B6,500,859 vievws 20 Ptbul Know You Want Me Best Evert Calle Ochol OFFICIAL VIDEO 113,130,248 views Linkin Park "New Divide" 70.302.005 views Aventura Mi Corazonoito 70 Coldplay-Viva La Vida e5.249905 views 51 FLO ida Vanessa Hudgens Sneakernight- Offoal Music Video S5S02.612 views 81 BED INTRUDER SONG Inow on ilunes 50.471.562 views 21 31 BoB-Arplanes (Fear Hayley Wilams of Paramore) Video- Official HOI 97.945.904 views 41 61 Justin Beber Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher 112.885.056 views Jonas Brothers-SOS Musie Music from e Move Step Up 2 Low 75,916.597 views Carlos BaueColgando en tus 71 manos loon Marta Sanchezi 68.907.552 vews 10 Eminem- Beautf 64615.400 views Charle The Uscom 54.9A.794 views 153,401,997 views 153.061 views 57.237437 views +/400 11 DEC 200

You Tube: Most Viewed Videos of All Time in All Categories

shared by judithgold on Jan 19
This infographic provides a visual of the 100 most viewed videos of all time on YouTube. It also provides a list with the names of the videos.


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