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You Are What You Tweet

You Are What You Tweet: 2011 INREVIEW FROM REVOLUTIONS OUSTING AUTOCRATS, TO TSUNAMI-CAUSING EARTHQUAKES, 2011 WAS A GLOBE-CHANGING YEAR. Now that 75% of Americans use social media to engage, let's consider 201l's trending topics and what they reveal about us: If Twitter were the news... THE MOST IMPORTANTEVENT OF THE YEAR: BEYONCE REVEALS HER PREGNANCY AT THE MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS IT WAS THE MOST TWEETED AHEAD OF: EVENT OF THE YEAR: THE RAID ON 8,969 OSAMA BINLADEN (5,106 tweets per second) JAPAN'SEARTHQUAKE &TSUNAMI tweets per second (5,530 tweets per second) MOAMMAR QADDAFI'S DEATH GOT 11 TWEETS PER SECOND THE MOSTIMPORTANTPERSONOF THE YEAR: JUSTIN BIEBER HIS TWEETS ARE RETWEETED 5 MILLION TIMES ON AVERAGE (Obama's tweets are only retweeted an average of 250,000 times) LOCKS OF BIEBER'S HAIR SOLD FOR $40,668 ON EBAY IN MARCH 2011 (As much as the income of the average U.S. middle-class family) THEREIS HOPE; THE TOP HASHTAG OF 2011 IS A GLOBAL TOPIC: #EGYPT PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK RESIGNED AFTER 24 YEARS OF RULE If Facebook were the news... THE MOSTIMPORTANT PERSONOF THE YEAR: CHARLIE SHEEN MEETS GUINNESS' RECORD FOR "FASTEST TIME TO REACH MILLION FOLLOWERS" He joined Twitter on March 1st and hit 1.2 million followers in a little over a day (25 hours and 17 minutes) CHARLIE SHEEN'S STORY IS MORE VIRAL THAN A CONGRESS WOMAN SURVIVING A SHOT TO THE HEAD CHARLIE SHEEN vs GABRIELLE GIFFORDS 2 MILLION 84,000 "likes" on Facebook and "likes" on Facebook and 16,425 1,500 "talking about" him "talking about" her #EGYPT #TIGERBLOOD, #JAPAN WHAT CHARLIE SHEEN CLAIMS RUNS THROUGH HIS VEINS AND MAKES HIM IMMUNE TO SUBSTANCE ADDICTION, WAS ONE OF THE TOP HASHTAGS OF THE YEAR (right next to #egypt and ahead of #japan) Charlie Sheen's online advertisement for a "Tiger Blood intern" garnered 74,000 APPLICATIONS FROM 181COUNTRIES If Google Search were the news... THE MOSTIMPORTANT PERSONOF THE YEAR: REBECCA BLACK #1 SEARCHED TERM GLOBALLY HER MUSIC VIDEO, FRIDAY, MADE HER A NATIONAL JOKE IN MARCH 2011. It got 3.1 million dislikes before it was removed from YouTube. It has 167 MILLION VIEWS IN ALL That's 2.7x the amount of views Obama's speech announcing the death of Bin Laden received, live TV (56.5 million) and subsequent YouTube (6.24 million) views combined. She's the one laughing That's 5X $1.2 MILLION now, however, with an estimated net worth of the amount of money Habitat for Humanity raised for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts By number of searches, posts and tweets, Justin Bieber rolls over 2011's major events: Southern Sudan's nationhood, the U.S. debt crisis and Japan's quake. It isn't horrible that we prefer tweeting Beyonce's baby bump instead of heavy global news. But it is a reminder: social media is embarrassing therapy. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD Sources ] l-experience?_s=PM:TECH!/Rep_Giffords -000-applications.html

You Are What You Tweet

shared by kthorspear on Dec 29
If you asked me about the key figures of 2011, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen would be the last names to come out of my mouth. And yet, according to the 75% of us who use social media, these two are ...


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