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You Are Not Safe Online

YOU ARE NOT SAFE ONLINE! CONSUMERS DON'T HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO CONTROL HOW THEIR PERSONAL DATA IS SHARED A study from Stanford University found supposedly anonymous data collected on personal web browsers were gathered and then sold. RANDOM COMPANIES USER NAME USER NAME USER NAME Signing up for the NBC website shares your user name with 7 other companies. RANDOM COMPANIES CCOUNT HOME DEPOT Viewing a local ad on Home Depot sent the user's name and email address to 13 companies. THE In 2010 & 2011, Google and Facebook were found to track online activities of people using Safari and Internet Explorer by circumventing an anti-tracking mechanism. Google In 2010, Google was under scrutiny for "accidental" gathering of Wi-Fi data when using their street view feature. They captured and saved years' worth of wireless information. DUE TO THIS FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION: 8.1 million people fall victim to identity theft 1.6 million households have had their bank ac- every year. counts compromised. Password security is very important. abcdefgh Abcdefgh x 200 « It takes only 2 hours to Time to crack an 8 letter crack a password with 8 lowercase letters. password with one capital letter: 200 years. ud is a rapidly growing industry. Loss Linked to Online Fraud $600- $500 - $400 $300- $200 $100 - '05 '06 '07 '08 60, Date FACEBOOK IS ALL ABOUT SHARING 59,000,000 addresses are readily available on Facebook right now. INFO 23% of 845M 194,350,000 Facebook users don't even know about the site's privacy controls. Since 2010, there's been a 200% increase in Facebook users who hide their "friends" data. THE EDUCATION SECTOR ACCOUNTS FOR 21% OF ALL DATA BREACHES 70% of attacks are driven 37% of the information at university web portals (student loan data, SSNS, actually compromised is patient and study subject data. credit card info used to pay tuition). SMARTPHONES ARE PRETTY DUMB, ACTUALLY In the United States, 40% of Android users are likely to click an unsafe link. APPLE SERVERS ADDRESS BOOK ADDRESS BOOK ADDRESS Since 2006: Apple allows iPhone apps to access your address book to send data back to company servers. MALWARE 2011: The security firm Lookout identifies a doubling of malicious Android apps to 1000 in less than 6 months. HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? Change your Facebook Privacy Settings to limit wh can see your information. Don't download apps Don't open suspicious Set strong passwords and change them often. from unknown sources. mail. Created By: WWW.ONLINEMARKETINGDEGREE.NET Sources: online-privacy-is-worth-less-than-a-six-pack-of-marshmallow-fluff/,0,1401489.story Losses (Millions)

You Are Not Safe Online

shared by kcatoto on Mar 25
Your privacy. Is it worth anything? Actually its worth quite a lot. But ironically it is only when it can be aggregated with the information about others that it starts to build real value. Its highl...


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