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Why You're Still Bored

WHY YOU'RE STILL BORED Unfollow Social network users are more active than ever - some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind. But new research also shows 61% strongly or somewhat dislike oversharing on social media; other reports show signs of disinterest and boredom.According to YouGov research, 41% of the British online population claimed to be getting bored with social media and say they will use it less. ACTUAL THOUGHTS FROM AMERICANS SURVEYED DECEMBER 13 TO 16, 2012 ABOUT WHY THEY TOOK BREAKS FROM A POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA SITE I WAS TIRED OF TOO MUCH [I HAD] CRAZY FRIENDS. I DID NOT WANT TO BE CONTACTED IT CAUSED PROBLEMS IN MY [ROMANTIC] DRAMA. RELATIONSHIP. STUPID COMMENTS. Hey I miss you Susan Davis Colin Brooks 5 minutes ago Why don't you ever respond me? feeling sad I don't want to I'm going to shower now... talk about it. Like - Comment Hey O How are you? 10 minutes ago Like - Comment WHY ARE WE GETTING BORED? SOCIAL MEDIA/INTERNET CONTENT OVERLOAD 82% MORE THAN According to Twitter's calculations: 1 BILLION a day's tweets is enough to write a 10 million-page book or 8,163 COPIES OF "WAR of the world's TWEETS online population are reached by social networking sites representing 1.2 billion users are sent every 48 hours. WAR and PEACE AND PEACE." around the world. EASE OF SHARING MEETS POOR DECISION MAKING 1 in 5 Americans say they publish a text, tweet or online comment, which they regret more than once a month. THE BIGGEST SOCIAL MEDIA REGRET 35% SAY 14% WORRY 13% WORRY "SOUNDING THEY MAY HAVE THEY MAY HAVE FOOLISH." OFFENDED A Unfriend OFFENDED FRIEND IN MANY PEOPLE. THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. THE DIGITAL “SHOULD'VE, WOULD'VE, COULD'VE" CRIES 16% REGRETTED AN ONLINE COMMUNICATION OR TEXT BECAUSE THEY "RESPONDED TOO QUICKLY BECAUSE I WAS BUSY." 14% 12% 12% FROM HOME AFTER DRINKING LATE AT NIGHT WHEN ALCOHOL FEELING TIRED "MORNING AFTER" DIGITAL DISAPPOINTMENTS 15% OF ALL 24% AVERAGE OF ADULTS HAVE SENT A PEOPLE INDICATING POST, MESSAGE OR TEXT, WHICH HAS End of Relationship Got Braces Off THEY SHARE 2014 2014 "EVERYTHING" OR NEGATIVELY 1 people like this. "MOST THINGS" AFFECTED A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP. 5 people like this. ONLINE MISMATCH OF INTERESTS BETWEEN THE CURATORS AND CONSUMERS JUST BECAUSE TRENDING TOPICS SUCH AS YOU WANT TO POST IT DOESN'T MEAN WE WANT TO READ IT #TheMostDisturbing TattoosEver #DogsEatinglceCream #PetSnakesonLeashes 4,790 reviews and 51, 000 + product views of NIFTY DOODADS such the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, including 100,000 videos about 44,100 on "IT SAVED MY MARRIAGE." DOING THE LAUNDRY NOSE-PICKING EACH DAY EACH MINUTE 100,000 TWEETS, The average social network user receives MORE THAN 500 285 PIECES containing a YouTube link. of content, including 54,000 WORDS EACH SECOND AND 443 MINUTES OF VIDEO 58 PHOTOS are added to Instagram. 20 MILLION E-MAILS AMERICAN'S TIME INVESTMENT 16 MINUTES CONSUMING CONTENT? WERE WRITTEN IN THE TIME IT TOOK TO READ THIS SENTENCE of every hour is spent on social networking sites. 60 HOURS A WEEK WHAT'S THE PHYSICAL IMPACT FROM INFORMATION OVERLOAD? INFORMATION FATIGUE RX: DIGITAL DETOX SYNDROME (IFS) Overwhelming feeling from an incomprehensible, indigestible amount of information. A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world. OR Get Delvv: The mobile interest-based discovery app Don't just rely on friend's social media posts and the same old websites for cool finds. Finds the topics you're really interested in Makes smart, RECOMMENDED FOR YOU personalized web content, app and event suggestions Cuts through the clutter of the internet Helps you discover more cool stuff, spend less time searching or surfing INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE, CENTER FOR SOCIAL MEDIA, BUREAU OF JUSTICE ASSISTANCE, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE | PEW RESEARCH INTERNET PROJECT, SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE 2013, DEC. 30, 2013 | CIA WORLD FACTBOOK, EGYPT, POPULATION, JULY 2013 EST. | OXFORD DICTIONARY ONLINE I PEW RESEARCH INTERNET PROJECT, SOCIAL NETWORKING FACT SHEET, DECEMBER 27, 2013 | THE NEILSON COMPANY, THE DIGITAL CONSUMER, FEBRUARY 2014 | YOUGOV, BIGGEST SOCIAL MEDIA REGRET: SOUNDING FOOLISH, JULY 23, 2013 | TRENDING TOPICS: FACEBOOK PAGE, DAILY TRENDING, FEB. 2014 | YOUTUBE: SEARCH RESULTS AS OF FEB. 26, 201 | AMAZON.COM | PEW RESEARCH CENTER, 6 NEW FACTS ABOUT FACEBOOK, FEB. 3, 2014 | THE DICTIONARY OF MODERN MEDICINE, DR. J.C. SEGAN, 1992 delui

Why You're Still Bored

shared by Lindak on Apr 15
Why You're Still Bored was produced for Delvv, a mobile app company. The infographic illustrates that why people are becoming bored with social media and massive information on the web, and therefore,...




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