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Why Will CMOs Embrace Social Video?

WHY WILL CMOS EMBRACE SOCIAL VIDEO? - CREATED BY VIRALTRACKER, A LEADING SOCIAL VIDEO METRICS COMPANY SINCE 2004. - www.VIRALTRACKER.COMABOUT - PUBLISHED: APRIL 23, 2012 O INTERNET TRAFFIC SOCIAL VIDEO IS BOOMING FASTER THAN EVER Today social video accounts for 51% of all internet traffic and will It took TV 13 years to reach 15 • SOCIAL VIDEO move up to 90% by million users. Internet 5 years, • INTERNET 2015. social video only 2 years. • TELEVISION ONLY Z YEARS 13 15 MILLION TODAY 2015 51% 90% 2YEARS 5YEARS 13YEARS O SOCIAL VIDEO EXPLOSION In 3 years time, the amount of viewers doubled from O 8 OUT OF 10 33% in 2006 to 62% in 2009. WILL WATCH SOCIAL 62% VIDEO 2009 In 2012 8 out of 10 adult TNT internet users will watch social videos frequently. 33% 2006 TIME TO EMBRACE Social video is vaporizing the push model in which brand advertising was interruptive A NEW MODEL? selfish, one-way and mind-jacking. old new VS Content is KING The Push Model The Pull Model CMOS were used to the one-way selfish model; Today CMOS can still buy media, but respect, firing TVCS with frequency 50. The content was often attention and fans must be earned. Entertaining social lame, but backed by GRPS. We were all passive videos is what we expect and 'like'. We are active, couch potatoes, forced to watch or zap. passionate and the medium ourselves. Distribution is Controlled Media Channels Viral Spread QUEEN Our ads were distributed through controlled media Entertaining branded videos now create buzz, channels and flights. Even great TVCS and pre-roll videos did not get legs or long-tail power. increase Sov and gain viral spread. Consumers are the new media and they will decide about the earned media value, A Metrics are Housewives as GRPS Metrics & Videolytics EMPEROR Global CMOS spent billions of USDS per year, pushing lame TVCS with many GRPS. Sadly, all Clever CMOS use compelling social videos, smartly distributed among influencers. Of course, based on a small army of desperate housewives, all based on powerful videolytics, real-time lacking sophisticated metrics. insights, smart metrics and 'intel', COSTS PROFIT CMO Outtake: Without great content, there is no engagement. Without engagement there is no buzz, no viral, no social and no community. Content is King. Distribution is Queen. Metrics are the Emperor. HOW DOES THE SOCIAL VIDEO LANDSCAPE LOOK TODAY? A short walk in the park... Correctly optimized sites with video increase 53 times the probability of appearing on the first page of Google. 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. 85% On average one minute of video equals 1,800,000 words. People stay on a website 48 seconds. 6 Minutes if it has a video. Video promoted products increase the probability of being bought by 85%. WHO DOESN'T WANT TVCS are fine, but they are not powerful weapons of mass affection that spread around the A SOCIAL VIDEO WITH globe with the speed of light, reaching and engaging millions of people almost for free. 200 MILLION FREE VIEWS? Key Smartwater Metrics Take a look at some key social video metrics of the Smartwater video. JEN ANISTON'S SEX-TAPE "I LOVE IT" II 4) 0:27 / 2:45 720p : Video metrics from YouTube and VIRALTRACKER 500+ other video sharing portals. 11,375,527 Video views 81,368 Comments $ 0,011 Cost per view 103,698 Facebook likes 24 $ 455,000 Earned Media 116,139 Facebook shares 74,019 Tweets Let's assume this video, including Jen and the distribution, cost $125,000. Might sound pretty expensive, right? The metrics show the opposite: video gets 11,3 million views at a very low CPV of $0.011, with a total earned media value of $455,000. This ROI might promote you to a 4 star general, right? CMO Outtake: A compelling social video, with i.e. a celebrity, amplified by smart distribution, might give you the highest bang for your media buck. Think OEP: First Owned, Earned and next Paid Media. What did other brands achieve with social video? Some other benchmark data from leading consumer brands. Volkswagen T-mobile RockstarGames Warner Bros The Force Royal Wedding Grant Theft Auto Harry Potter Views Views Views Views 59,759,406 25,956,915 21,986,183 10,721,805 Comments Comments Comments Comments 37,880 26,096 211,781 53,710 Facebook Shares Facebook Shares Facebook Shares Facebook Shares 4,479,501 1,407,031 516,589 1,775,076 CMO Outtake: Global brands might distribute 250-500 million social video views to your target audiences in 2012. So, how did you brief your marketing team? SOCIAL VIDEO BOOMING WORLDWIDE How will social video blow up worldwide in 2015? Internet Video Users 2010-2015 RUSSIA CHINA INDIA 19M 44M 2010 2015 BRAZIL 283M 501M 2010 2015 9M 70M 2010 2015 26M 49M 2010 2015 all the booming countries Brazil China France Germany India X7 X2 26,284,60 X2 283,980,00 9,574,400 2010 17,356,450 17,785,740 2015 49,628,400 501,680,000 22,068,600 24,820,810 70,860,760 Italy Mexico Russia X2 UK USA 2010 13,051,400 12,515,400 19,266,000 15,665,259 149,561,804 2015 21,232,100 25,963,500 44.046.000 23,633,000 180.431,000 CMO Outtake: Even the so-called emerging markets will show tremendous growth in their number of social video users. So how about your local market's video strategy? VIDEO Social video is also the driving force behind POE Media. ADVERTISING $ 7,110,000,000 Most brands will use Owned and Earned media to distribute their social videos, but in order to increase reach fast, they will spend even more on Video Advertising. US video ad spending was $2.16 billion in 2011, but will triple to $7.11 billion by 2015. $ 2,160,000,000 SSS S S S 2011 2015 Advertisers who purchased video ads in 2011 are expected to increase spending by 47% in 2012. Global social network advertising revenues will be $7.72 billion in 2012, of which Facebook might grab 71%. D 47% 71% 2011 2012 IN 2012 Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated: “ Global online display and video spend will be $200 billion by 2020 " Larry, Mark and the rest of the gang will use social video in their strive for world domination... HOW ABOUT YOU? VIRALTRACKER ONLINE VIDEOI METRICS Sources: Cisco - Pew Internet & American Life Project 2009 YouOn - WebVideoMarketing - eMarketer - ViralTracker rtwater ort water

Why Will CMOs Embrace Social Video?

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Social video is booming; it represents more than half of the internet traffic today. By 2015 social video is predicted to have 90% of the entire Internet traffic. CMOs need to catch up with this trend...






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