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why girls hate your tinder profile

10 REASONS WHY GIRLS HATE YOUR TINDER PROFILE WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU'RE NOT GETTING MANY MATCHES ON TINDER? It's not that you're ugly. It's because your Tinder profile sucks, and girls hate it. Here's why. 10 Girls hate your Tinder bio description spelling mistakes / clichés / overused quotes / useless/boring information Reading that you're looking for your "Tinderella" does not put me into fairy tale mode. When I see spelling mistakes, I think that you're careless or uneducated. I know I'm passing judgment quickly. But, all I have is a quick profile review, right? DON'T FEED ME A LINE. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. It's not a job interview, but we do want to make sure you have a personality. So don't leave it blank, please. YOU, 27 2 miles away Active 1 hour ago ABOUT YOU Looking for my Tinderella Girls hate your crappy-quality photos blurry / poorly cropped / highly edited / heavy filters It's like you're saying: "this is the only picture I have, that I like, and I really have to put it on the internet." You should try to showcase yourself and how great you are, not look like you're trying to hide something! 8. Girls hate that you have no variety in your photos similar expressions / similar activities / similar environments Seeing 5 photos of you in the same clothes, doing the same thing or at the same place, tells us that you don't have a life. A Mix it up, guys! We like dynamic men. Plus, the more you show, the more likely it is that we can find something in common. Girls hate that you have selfies If all your pictures are selfies, it makes me wonder if you ever get out of the house and engage in picture-worthy activities. Also, too many selfies makes me think that Mirror selfies are tacky and a little too feminine. I really dislike photos taken with selfie sticks. Girls hate that have 6. you too many group photos main picture is a group photo / too many group photos You're supposed to be the star of the show! But your group My first thought is, "Wait, which one are you?" pictures just make me check out your friends instead of checking you out. When you post too many group photos (especially your profile pic) we can't always tell who you are. Plus it makes you seem insecure. Girls hate that you don't show your face clearly photos taken from afar / photos with sunglasses or a hat / hiding from the camera If you have no clear/close up pictures of your face, I think one of four things: that you believe you are unattractive, you are not confident, are a criminal, or are married. Any of those scenarios is a turn off. I want to know right off the bat what you look like. Hiding your face makes you seem real insecure and gets you an immediate swipe left. Show that you're confident! Girls love that. Girls hate that you don't smile I absolutely want to see your smile. A smile tells so much about you, and gives me the impression that you are happy. You seem so serious. Are yoU serious all the time or do you hate cameras? I really wish you had a couple more pictures of you smiling. Girls hate your debauchery and obscenity excessive alcohol / drugs / obscene gestures I want to talk to men who at least have the appearance of having their life together. Too much partying or obscenity is just not the type of man I want to get to know. Seeing you with a drink in your hand in every photo is a definite red flag. Drunk douche alert! It's fine to show that you like to be social and have a drink, but we ladies like to see a man who stays in control! Girls hate that you have shirtless-selfies (especially in the bathroom) Men who post shirtless selfies turn me off. It comes across as desperate for attention. l'd rather be pleasantly surprised about your great body in person. Ugh. Nothing says "douchebag" more than shirtless selfie mirror pics in the bathroom, I don't care how hot you are. Just say no to posting a shirtless pic, unless it's a pic of you at the beach. Please, don't do it. I've seen plenty of shirtless selfies and it is a huge turn off. It's always nicer for a guy to be more subtle with their good looks. Girls hate your photos with other girls intimate Gah! Don't put a pic of yourself with another woman on a dating site! Even if it's your sister - we don't know who the hell she is! Major turn off. This should be a no brainer. Do you want to see me with hot guys in my profile pictures? Enough said. While I want to know that you attract gorgeous women, I don't necessarily want to see you with a beautiful woman while I'm checking you out. Avoid these 10 things girls hate most. And you'll be closer to having a Tinder profile that girls love. com tinder seduction

why girls hate your tinder profile

shared by mglinfographic on May 01
This infographic lists out the problems with male user profiles and how to remedy these problems, the solutions are illustrated and each point is explained with graphics.


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