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Who is the king of social media?

WHO IS THE KING OF MINIMAL IN SOCIAL MEDIA? Hawtin has made his mark on Marco Carola is the recognized global ambassador of Ibalian bechno. It's a position he treats Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean electronic music producer and DJ. He is well-known for his work in the minimal bechno and micro- Every so often a DJ or producer comes along who inspires the imagination. Loco Dice can puzzle bogether moods with a direct approach and delicate sense for sounds and reflective abmospheres electronic music by being both inventive and innovative. With almost twenby years of DJ experience, Hawbin has head- lined some of the most presbig with the utmost care and intangible respect and one that sbands him among the contemporary bechno's leading practibioners. house genres being one of the most inventive producers in electronic music ious festivals and events Hawtin Carola Villalobos Dice O OVERALL *total volume of mentions on all major social networks 34K 29K 36K 56K Ll. PLATFORM DISTRIBUTION "breakdown of mentions by social network (top 3 spaces) 36K A 24K A 21K A 21K A 16K E 12K E 6.5K E - 1.3K E 5.7K E 0.8K E 2.1K E SENTIMENT *percentage of mentions that displayed a positive attitude towards each DJ 40% positive 37% positive 40% positive 31% positive * TOP 3 COUNTRIES *places in the world where most of the online conversations happened ITALY 15% ITALY 36% |ITALY US 29% |US 15% US 13% US 11% | ITALY 21% SPAIN UK GERMANY UK 10% 5% 7% 6% GENDER *distribution of social talks by the participants' gender 87% 87% 85% 78% to 13% 13% 15% 22% O MENTIONS VIEWED BY AN ESTIMATE *potential viewership based on the number of Twitter followers 12,713,986 people 4,915,973 people 8,421,154 people 6,659,956 people HOW MUCH BUZZ THEY GOT? You Tube ff 39% 34% 24% 38% 32% 25% 17% 23% 15%/ 30% 21% 21% 23% 15% 23% 20% "how they got shared on social media platforms M SOCIAL MEDIA SPIKES 8 3.10.2011 A9.12.2011 A31.08.2011 A 5.10.2011 1032 515 441 mentions 793 Why? Why? Why? Why? mentions mentions Well, Richie played at Time Warp Italy on the 1st of October and this was the day when several videos were uploaded allover the web. The website which brings the party at your house, uploaded a video with Ricardo playing at Sunwaves 10 Romania Maybe the buzz was created around the fact that Dice played a shocking 15 hours marathon set at Space Miami Cosing Party Because lots of videos from Marco playing at Plastikman Live 1.5 Tour Movement Torino were released to the wild net Richie Hawtin Marco Carola Ricardo Villalobos Loco Dice "days with the highest volume of mentions AND THE WINNER IS Richie Hawtin UBERU All data is sourced from uberVU social media intelligence platform The data range is from July 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 Text & Pictures Sources:øricardovillalobos/biography, p://,,, Presented by Andrei Vasilescu

Who is the king of social media?

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Social media analytics data can be used to come up with some interesting comparisons between competitors. I decided to illustrate this with some fun, down-to-earth example - and what's better than mus...



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