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The Who and How of the Blogosphere

THE WHO AND HOW OF THE BLOGOSPHERE WITH OVER 200 MILLION BLOGS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE AND AN EVER INCREASING NUMBER OF PLATFORMS AND HOSTS, ANYONE CAN CREATE A BLOG AND CONTRIBUTE 12/3 weebly tumblr. 8 Blogger 12M USERS 101.7M USERS (GOOGLE'S LITTLE SECRET) LIVEJOURNAL WWORDPRESS Blogster 63M USERS 61.7M USERSs 500k USERS The blogosphere is made up of an array of archetypes - the 7 superstars we have identified interact with each other and impact the community each time they post content, share with audiences and converse with each other. As collective content amasses so too does the influence/power of the blogger. 2. INDUSTRY BLOGGERS 1. THE HOBBYIST "I blog about my personal interests" "I blog on behalf of a company or to further my career" "Industry' bloggers come in as many varieties as there are industries, from showcasing their work, improving their chance of career progression to light hearted looks at their industry. An enthusiastic character who values their community. Sharing information, tips and examples of their passion. EXAMPLE: EXAMPLE: GLOBAL 3. THE SENSEI "I blog to help others and achieve enlightenment" 7. BOHEMIAN The 'Sensei' wants to help others by imparting their knowledge, explaining and instructing. BLOGSODY Creative bloggers - modern Bohemia is in the 'blogosphere' EXAMPLE: OMMUNIT The 'Bohemians' of the blogosphere love to share their creative aptitude with the rest of the world. EXAMPLE: 4. LIFE STAGER The mother of all bloggers 6. THE GO TO GEEK Spreading geek love The 'life stager' is generally a conscientious character who uses their "Geek' bloggers give us the tips and advice needed to use the very technology we've come to embrace and help us to pick and adapt to each upgrade, iteration, bug fix, plug in and product launch. spare time for good. 5. FILTER "I'm serious about challenging people and offering another side to the story" They are practical people who blog about topics their communities would find useful. The 'filter' blogger covers 'serious' topics such as news and politics and allows reporting to be presented from varied angles. EXAMPLE: EXAMPLE: EXAMPLE: BLOGGERS ARE NO LONGER JUST PRODUCING TEXT BUT INCORPORATING VISUAL MEDIUMS INCLUDING VIDEO, PICTURES & SOUND AND THEY REACH OUT USING ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA I TOOLS AVAILABLE You Tube of COU To find out more about who blogs and the role they play as online content creators, check out our White Paper: Blogger Archetypes and Their Roles in the Blogosphere or COM 1. 2. 3. www. BLOGGING THE ШП

The Who and How of the Blogosphere

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Introducing the seven stars of the blogosphere! Who are they, what motivates them and what role do they play in the vibrant world of blogging?




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