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Which Party Runs Social

4 YEARS AFTER OBAMA'S LANDSLIDE WHICH PARTY RUNS SOCIAL NOW? SHARE OF VOICE Who dominates in each arena? Surprisingly results aren't always the same - take a peek Voice by party, candidate, running mate, and total mentions on the web. at Share of Party Candidate Running Mate Total 48.74% 47.17% 25.11% 45.03% DEMOCRATIC ROMNEY DIDEN OBAMA 11.06% RYAN 3.7% BIDEN 52.83% OBAMA 51.26% 74.89% RYAN 40.21% ROMNEY REPUBLICAN SENTIMENT How people feel about a candidate weighs heavily when deciding who to vote for. Is the conversation around your favorite candidate, positive, negative, or neutral? Obama 214,630 Mentions Biden 17,671 Mentions IL.13% Postive 13.0 Naual 13.88 Nautal 14.30% Negive I71.68% Positive 18.53 Nautal 9.31% Nagative 18.5N Nual Romney 191,642 Martions Ryan 52,716 Mentions I66.7% Positive 14.79% Noutral I 18.79% Negative 14.79% Noutral 0% Positive 11.18% Negative 15.55% Noutral SHARE VOICE BY SOCIAL NETWORK Conversations are constantly flowing about the 2012 Candidates. Where are the conversations taking place and who is leading the conversation? 9.61% 1.20% BIDEN DDEN 34.37% ROMNEY 13.45% 20.29% RYAN RYAN 20.41% ROMNEY 3.98% ROMNEY 35.72% 64.93% 96.02% OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA "Data is pthered trom mentors on Twiter, Facebook Pirterest, videa, and the real tme web viralheat

Which Party Runs Social

shared by raj_kadam on Sep 02
Taking data from social media platforms ranging from Pinterest to Facebook, Viralheat uncovers which political party is making headway in social media.



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