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Which Brands Rule Twitter?

WHICH BRANDS RULE TWITTER?- A recent Simply Measured study revealed that 99% of brands are on Twitter. Although small businesses may have paved the way for Twitter marketing success, the world's largest brands are adopting the platform as both a customer service and marketing tool at an increasing rate. Let's take a look at which companies -- big and small -- have seen the most success with Twitter. KEY: Followers .... Daily Mentions CHAMPIONS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE 42% 42 MINUTES RESPONSE RATE 75% 5.1 HOURS Ford RESPONSE TIME THE FASTEST (MICROSOFT) THE BEST AVERAGE AVERAGE (FORD MOTORS) Only five of the dedicated support accounts maintained response rates greater than 60%. Microsoft's Xbox 312K 160K It holds the Guinness World Record for being the most responsive brand on Twitter with 1.3M tweets. 1.3M Microsoft's Xbox (@XboxSupport) Hello mate! The account has a very informal tone, often referring to customers as 'mate.' Nike 78K 1.8M They respond to more than 100 tweets per day regarding order queries, stock information, and product details. 100 day Nike (@NikeStore) 140 MINUTES 80% Nike 16K Nike stole the 2012 London Olympics spotlight away from official sponsor Adidas. Response Rate Response Time Adidas 9,3K Tweets relating to the word 'Olympic.' Nike dominated the top 10 companies in the U.S. THE WINNER JetBlue 1.7M 450 JetBlue recognized that thousands of travelers were tweeting about their in-flight experiences, so they began responding to each disgruntled traveler in the nicest way possible. jetBlue JetBlue (@jetblue) 13 MINUTES 79% Response Rate Response Time They have the largest Twitter following among any airline. JetBlue had the quickest average response time. CHAMPION OF SALES Twitter has partnered with Datalogix to measure the impact of promoted and organic tweets on offline sales. In-store 12% sales Organic tweets 8% Engagement drives greater in-store sales and brands' organic tweets over a control group. 50% of users say that they are more likely to buy from a brand after they follow them on saw a 30% increase in traffic when they ran a Super Bowl promo on Twitter. Twitter. Classic Harbor Line 980 PR pro Will Candis posted about standard cruises being offered as well as a beer-tasting cruise using the popular hashtag #beer to identify a unique market niche and saw great success, generating more than $2K in sales. Classic Harbor (@ClassicHarbor) Candis tweeted exclusive boat tour offers to concierges he knew at local hotels that they could then pass along to their guests. THE WINNER ASOS 532K 3.3K Online fashion retailer ASOS won a 2013 Media Lion in Cannes for its global digital Christmas campaign. ASOS (@ASOS) $7.8M Using the #BestNightEver hashtag, the campaign helped drive more than $7.8 million Searches for ASOS in the U.S. soared by more than 50%. worth of sales. The campaign was designed to help generate big seasonal sales and grow the brand in new markets without requiring a big budget using celebs to promote the videos. @elliegoulding @Azealiabanks @Charlotte_free CHAMPIONS OF SOCIAL COMMERCE Social commerce is the use of social network(s) in the context of e-commerce transactions. $30 81% of consumers receive advice from friends and BILLION family relating to a product purchase through a social networking site. BY 2015 Chirpify 16 3.1K Chirpify is a social commerce platform that turns tweets into transactions, enabling consumers and businesses to buy, sell, and donate on Twitter. users each Chirpify (@Chirpify) Adding 300 $2M The company raised a $2 million Series A round of funding from Voyager Capital. THE WINNER DELL 1.5M DELL $2M In 2009, Dell's @DellOutlet account generated more than $2 million in sales. DELL Outlet (@DELL Outlet) within the first 2 years Dell also saw a 34% conversion rate for turning 'ranters' into 'ravers' by having the @DellCares and the @DellCaresPRO Twitter accounts. CHAMPIONS OF FUNDRAISING The average cost of a Twitter follower for nonprofits is $2.05. 47% of Americans learn about causes on social media and online channels. 74% of nonprofits have reported being on Twitter. Using Twitter during fundraising events can result in 10X more money raised online. American Red Cross 1K 1M During the holidays, American Red Cross (@RedCross) partnered with Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark (@CraigNewmark), to successfully raise $20,000. American Red Cross $20K American Red Cross (@RedCross) $1, per retweet Both organizations used a Promoted Tweet asking Twitter users to respond with their idea of the perfect gift using the hashtag #PerfectGift and a link to the donation website, matching each retweet with a 1$ donation. THE WINNER Movember 41K 230 MOVEMBER $19M Movember and Bros successfully patnered to change the face of men's health in the U.S. Movember (@movember) raised from 209K donators The organization used a variety of web and social platforms as well as strategic partnerships to promote the campaign, including Twitter. CHAMPIONS OF AUTHENTICITY MochaDad 22 12K Frederick Goodall's (@MochaDad) Twitter relationships have led to increased speaking opportunities including the BBSummmit12 Conference, the Niche Mommy Conference, and the National Latism Conference. MochaDad (@Mochadad) His integrity, honesty, compassion, and natural desire to help others carries over to his Twitter account. Frederick says he routinely shares and retweets other people's links and offers "to help anyone and everyone without ever seeking anything return." "Twitter is a good place to make initial contacts, but real relationships need to be nurtured." Amanda Palmer 1K 1M Musician Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) made $11,000 in 2 hours after a tweet that spurred a $11K business idea. Amanda Palmer in 2 hours (@amandapalmer) It all started with her tweeting about how she was alone again on a Friday night sitting in front of her computer with others chiming in claiming how "we are all losers". Amanda created the hashtag #LOFNOTC (The Losers of Friday Night on their Computers) and thousands joined the conversation, spurring the idea of a T-shirt, which resulted in $11K in just 2 hours. THE WINNER Stacey Ferreira 1.4K $1M In 2011, Stacey Ferreira, then recent high school grad, landed nearly $1 million in venture capital for her startup because of a tweet. in venture capital Stacey Ferreira (@Stacey Ferreira) The Twitter newbie saw a tweet from Sir Richard Branson inviting anyone who donated $2,000 to his charity to a private cocktail event. Her and her Co-Founder (and brother) borrowed the money from their parents and flew down. Branson and a business partner were impressed with her business plan, leading to the venture capital offering. WholsHostingThis? Sources:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, al commerce I Chues for sc y touts a 5% conversion rate day Chirpif LLLE

Which Brands Rule Twitter?

shared by monsieurnavarro on Feb 16
A recent study revealed that 99% of brands are on Twitter. Although small businesses may have paved the way for Twitter marketing success, the world's largest brands are adopting the platform a both a...


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