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Which Are the Most Social Colleges?

WHICH ARE THE MOST SOCIAL A LOOK AT HOW COLLEGES IN THE U.S. RANK UP ON POPULAR SOCIAL NETWORKS DATA COMPILED FOR OFFICIAL CORE ALMA MATER PAGES AND ACCURATE AS OF SEPTEMBER 2012 PRESENTED BY: TOPCOLLEGESONLINE.ORG facebook twitter Google+ Pinterest You Tube DK KLOUT LIKES FOLLOWERS FOLLOWERS FOLLOWERS VIDEO VIEWS SCORE LS ES HARVAND STANFORD UNIVERSI TY 10,760 ARVARD 93.5 A TEXAS A&M STANFORD UNIVERSITY IVER ITY 1,930,730 KONANIVA 151,659 3,255 45,118,299 LSU 'liT Drake 'lii University of Phoenix UNIVERSITY STANFORD UNIVERSITY 711,605 149,481 8,845 2,915 41,676,721 90.6 Carnegie Mellon University Yale THE UNIVERSITY University of Phoenix TAS W WISCONSIN UNIVERSITY ARVARD 8,249 MADISON STANFORD UNIVERSITY 512,323 87,759 1,684 21,314,850 87.9 UF ENIVERSITY of FLORIDA LSU Berkeley Berkeley W INDIANA UNIVERSITY Cornell University UMIVERSITY er CALIFORMIA UNIVERITY gr CALIFONIA 473,007 51,806 3,893 1,629 17,372,748 87.7 T.H. E ОНО STATE Yale Berkeley SCAD TAS W INDIANA UNIVERSITY UNIVEREITY Dr CALIFORNIA/ UNIVERSITY TARVARD UNIVERSITY 460,062 49,469 3,036 1,291 11,202,301 86.7 Duke *Penn MUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY AA TEXAS A&M 456,409 45,728 2,419 1,191 5,663,165 86.7 Yale MIAMI UNIVERSITY e COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Cornell University UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA STANFORD UNIVERSITY 424,269 45,190 2,160 1,171 4,724,635 86.3 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS lIT THE UNIVERSITY OF P'liT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS TEXAS T TEMPLE University of Phoenix UNIVERSITY AT AUSTIN AT AUSTIN AT AUSTIN 397,723 37,914 2,059 1,061 4,191,620 85.7 Yale THE UNIVERSITY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA BOSTON ALABAMA UNIVERSITY of UF FLORIDA FOUNDED 1831 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT AUSTIN 358,949 37,103 2,013 948 2,796,041 84.9 T. H·E ОНО STATE PURDUE UNIVERSITY OF Penn NOTRE DAME A | TEXAS A&M ONIVEREITY UNIVERSITY 351,786 36,152 1,702 947 2,794,871 84.6 UK PRINCETON do COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN TE CITY OF NM YORE KENTUCKY HOWARD UNIVERSITY NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 335,447 32,000 1,643 910 2,226,684 84.0 HARVARD HAS MIT AMITnews 6 Aug New study finds link between cell division and growth rate 281 TIMES Collapse + Reply t3 Retweet Favorite AS MANY FACEBOOK 'LIKES' RETWEETS FAVORITE HARVARD AS ITS STUDENT BODY 12 42 PM - 6 Aug 12 Details ON AVERAGE EACH OF HARVARD'S FACEBOOK POSTS RECEIVES: Each MIT tweet is retweeted an average of four times, and the school itself is mentioned on twitter 'MIT 1000+ LIKES 50+ COMMENTS approximately three times every minute 57,557 42,143,333 You Tube uctv UCTV, University of California Television subsaribers video views Sub channels Yale University Courses 89,982 13,100,025 more popular than official Alma Mater channels subscribers video views M University of Michigan School of Dentistry 9,248,144 11,298 subsaribers video views DENTISTRY ecX free unaccredited, online courses, and include... Berkeley liT TAS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITIES PROVIDE Start Learning Today Provided by N NOWSOURCING

Which Are the Most Social Colleges?

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 21
Which colleges make the grade when it comes to their social media presence?


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