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Where should your readers comment, on your blog or via social media?

Where should your readers comment, on your blog or via social media? fairy blog mother When CopyBlogger announced they had turned off comments on their blog, this set off ripples around the blogosphere as regards the best place to accept comments for blog posts. Too much spam: CopyBlogger was receiving 96% spam rather than viable comments, and moderation of this was taking up too much time and resources. Lack of meaningful discussions: the quality of these comments failed to impress or provide enough added value to continue the posts' conversations. Move over to social media: most of their desired conversations appeared to be happening on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ instead. The 'experiment' of shutting down blog comments may have been done to achieve: Posts on other blogs: this would encourage better, worthwhile and more added value responses than could be accommodated within a blog comment. More relevant backlinks: obviously these posts would link to the CopyBlogger post as reference points, which helps with SEO on all fronts. Eliminate any spam: though how would CopyBlogger receive any notification Spam of pingbacks and trackbacks from the posts written about them? Moving over to social media for comments rather than on their blog may result in: Immediate feedback: but this real-time response may pall once the post ages and the momentum has been lost. No moderation: comments on social media are published first before they can be deleted if not appropriate or spammy. There's no control here. No ownership: these comments are the property of the social media platform and could be subject to editorial changes or even deletion. More exposure: would the commenter like their response to be visible to anyone, especially if it isn't related to their niche or followers' interests? No longevity: posts that have passed their sell-by-date may not be so appealing on social media to inspire more comments to continue the conversation at another time. Nevertheless, comments on social media may encouage: More interaction: would the comments received on social media result in more meaningful discussions due to the relaxed environment they are made in? More engagement: the use and visibility of social sharing buttons would encourage a higher distribution of the post to a larger audience. A sense of community: audience participation sharing their knowledge and points of view will benefit from each other as well as responding to the initial post. Valuable feedback: reaching out to a more varied readership will result in interesting and important responses that may help with future content. Reader loyalty: blogs thrive on regular comments, and social media may make the process easier and more accessible to do so on an on-going basis. Even so, blogs should still offer readers the opportunity to post a comment by: Making it easier: by finding alternatives to CAPTCHA and other spam- regulating systems that may put readers off from commenting. Sharing the love: upload and activate the CommentLuv plugin to allow commenters to show a link back to their most recent posts. Responding to every comment: take the trouble to answer every response you receive and publish to show your gratitude and continue the conversation. Infographic courtesy of Feel free to share on social media or paste into your own blog posts

Where should your readers comment, on your blog or via social media?

shared by alice.elliott1 on Sep 29
Ever since popular and high-ranking bloggers have turned off comments in their blogs, where is the best place to leave a comment about a blog post?


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