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What's The Deal With Bloggers

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH BLOGGERS? A LOOK AT WHO'S BLOGGING, WHERE, AND HOW MUCH THEY MAKE DOING IT How old are bloggers? What gender are bloggers? How much education do bloggers have? 45 TO 4 55 10 64 18 10 24 21% 14% GRADUATE DEGRE 40% COLLEGE GRADUATE 27% HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE SOME GAADUATE 25 TO 34 MALE FEMALE SOME COLLEGE 25% 29% 67% 33% 9% 14% SOME HIGH SCH0O TECHNICAL/TRADE SCHOOL (No COLLEG) How much do different types of bloggers earn? (household income) MORE THANS350.000 P000 10 n IS75,000 10 59,99 $40,000 10 4,m I s20,000 TO s2,99s IDECLINE TO ANSWER I4,000 10 ILESS THAN s20,000 HOBrSTS 15% 22% 23% 95 16% PART-TIMERS 12% 10% 7% 14% 12% 15% 20% 14% CORPORATE 14% 13% 22% 11% 15% SELFEMPLOVED 5% 5% 15% 14% 36% 15% 19% ALL (AVERAGE 12% 7% 15% 11% 14% 30% 16% One in four blogger eam ever S000 cach year Ore in three bleggers have an annual household income of S5.00 Where are bloggers located? WORLOWICE IN THE US How long have bloggers been blogging? 40% EUROPE 26% 30% 20% 10% 1 CALIFORNIA Ss 2. NEW YORK 3. FLORICA N 4 TEKAS S UNITED STATES 0% LESS THAN MONTHS MONTHS 48% 3106 1102 2 104 4TO6 MORE THAN SMASHINGTON I MONTHS YEARS YEARS TEARS YEARS How often do bloggers update their sites? How much time do bloggers spend with other types of media? ONLINE ACTIVITY CFFLINE ACTIVIY WATCHING TELEVIION READING BLOGS EADI SOCAL MEDIASTES USTENING TO THE RADIO 2 TO 3 TIMES PER WEEK 1 TIME PER WEEK READING NEWAPRS ONLINE 27% 23% READING WERZINES OR MAGAZINE WEauTES LISTENING TO PODCASTS AND/OR INTERMETRADO READING MASATINER 1 TIME EVERY FEW WEEKS WATCHING VIOEOS ONLINE 15% READING NEWSPAPERS COMMENING ON BLOGS 110 TES ONCE EACH MONTH 3% LESS THAN ONC/MONTH 5% PER DAY SHARING PHOTOS 26% SHARING BOOKMARKS OR SEARCHES SHARING VICEOS 10 TIMESDAY OR MORE 1% HOURS SPENT PER WEEK How much revenue do blogs generate? S140 143,890,000 20% $122,222 $120 OF BLOGGERS ESTIMATEO NUMBER OF LOGS ON THE INTERNET LOUPOATE OR ADD CONTENT FROMA MOLE OEVICE s100 580 50% 17% s60 OF BLOGGERS WHO BELIEVE or BLOGGERS WHO SAY THEIR BLOG IS THEIR THAT IT IS NOT IMIPORTANT OCONCEAL THER IDENTITIES PRIMARY SOURCE OF INCOME S40 ON THEIR BLOGS ANNUAL S20 uEVENUE GENERATED N THOUSANDS Flowtown. HOISt E PART TIMERS SEU-EMPLOVED AVERAGE ANNUAL SLS 14,064 EVENUE INVESTED INTHOSAND $20 Seurces http/ of the blogosphere 200g

What's The Deal With Bloggers

shared by kcatoto on Jan 23
Who's behind blogging? This shows a very understandable way to know about bloggers. Who are they, where and how much they earn by blogging.



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