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What's Behind a Smiley Face?

The Maaernet Shings Mganing of Turning IDKS to OICS, One JPG at a Time LESSON Don't take a smile at face value. The smiley face is the Ryan Seacrest of online communication: It's everywhere, and only grandmas are fooled by it. Want to know what's really happening when your "partner in chime" (cue the vintage AOL I.M. alert) drops the smiley face? Here's a look. YOU RECEIVE HOW YOU THINK THEY'RE REACTING "YAY! M' SO HAPPY!" HOW THEY'RE ACTUALLY REACTING WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN I JUST REALLY LIKE I'M NOT ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION. COLONS AND PARENTHESES. I'M SMILING BECAUSE I ATE YOUR LEFTOVERS. SORRY. (NOT SORRY.) THIS IS MY OOPS, HABIT. NOT WORTH CORRECTING. LEAST IMPORTANT CHAT WINDOW RIGHT NOW. "PRETENDING TO BE HAPPY SO PEOPLE WILL LEAVE ME ALONE." BUSY LOOKING AT MY SISTER'S NEW CAT PICS. I'M SMILING BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE WELL PREPARED FOR THE IMPENDING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Addvocate's social media tools for businesses. flddvocate :) ......

What's Behind a Smiley Face?

shared by ColumnFive on Sep 27
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Don't take that smiley face at face value. Here's what could be on the other end of the screen.




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