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What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

WHAT YOUR n the Internet, everyone is a photographer. And U thanks to Instagram's many filters, now sunsets, coffee cups, and your date's double cheeseburger can masquerade as art. But the truth is, the filter you choose says more about you than the picture you take. Here, we profile the personalities of the photographers who use the top 1o Instagram filters. INSTAGRAM FILTER SAYS ABOUT YOU INSTAGRAM INSANITY 100 MILLION 40 MILLION 8,500 1,000 MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS PHOTOS PER DAY LIKES PER SECOND COMMENTS PER SECOND YOUNG INTERNET USERS ARE INSTAGRAM'S MAIN DEMOGRAPHIC. Women outnumber men in Instagram usage. AGE 25-34 AGE 18-24 33% 134% AGE 45-54 15% AGE 12-17 AGE 35-44 20% 18% 155% 145% WHO ARE THESE FILTER FANATICS? NORMAL The Professional/Amateur EARLYBIRD The Wannabe Wes Anderson 43% 10% the bast of breod Normal filter users are either Earlybird users' first Instagram photos probably featured their new record players. These photographers love to criticize anything modern, keep their colors muted, and make sure their friends look eternally stuck in a'70s basement. tech-challenged amateurs who still can't work their smartphones or tech-savvy frauds, passing off photos they fixed in other applications as #nofilter works of art. You're not fooling anyone. X-PRO II 3 VALENCIA The Light-Sensitive Snapper The Optimist 8% 5% These users see the world a We're not sure if they're perpetually hung-over, but we do Little brighter and want you to see it that way, too. Sowhat if it's a gray day? They'll make sure those raindrops pop against a windshield-and will then make the photo their new wallpaper. know that Valencia users want to take everything down a notch. Their ever-so-slightly faded photos capture the moment without capturing our interest. RISE The Lazy Artist 6. HEFE The Color Crazy 4% These users want to filter their Fans of Hefe want to turn every photos but don't want to scroll through all the options. Just like they want well-lit photos but don't want to learn how to take them. Rise, sitting conveniently in the first 5 choices, is the answer to their prayers. image into a vibrant masterpiece, even if it's just a lone flip-flop in the sand. Beware of their sunset photos-unless you want to be blinded. AMARO The Night Owl HUDSON The Cold-Hearted 4% MCCARTHY THE ROAD The world can seem too "alive" Amaro users may be shut-ins or party animals, but either way they can never seem to take a properly lit photo. Luckily, Amaro saves the day, making those dark pics from the bar up to 3% lighter. to these gloomy photographers. Hudson takes the edge off by making everything they snap look a little colder and a little flatter, especially photos of whatever classic novel they're currently reading. 9. BRANNAN The Art Major 10 NASHVILLE The Cool GuY 3% 3% These filter fans may have dropped out of art school in real life, but not in their hearts. They want their photos to be just as dramatic as they are, no matter how boring the brunch plate, tree, or park bench is. Nashville users don't try too hard in life or with their photos, and that's what makes them so great. They'll take the perfect photo and go light with the filter. Just like they'll tag along to the concert and end up backstage with the band. SO IF YOU'RE 1 OF THE 100 MILLION MONTHLY USERS OF INSTAGRAM, THINK TWICE ABOUT WHAT FILTER YOU DECIDE TO USE. AFTER ALL, IT SAYS A LOT MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU THINK. SOURCES: INSTAGRAM PRESS CENTER Created by Marketo PEW INTERNET AND AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT COLUMN FIVE POPULAGRAM For more Social Media Marketing Awesomeness, download the Definitive Guide to Social Marketing for Free USAGE USAGE USAGE

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

shared by Marketo on Mar 23
Are you one of the 100 million active users generating 40 million photos a day on Instagram? As a marketer, user generated content is a gold mine for insights and can be a nice complement to any conte...


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