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What Women Want

WHAT WOMEN WANT! THE SEXES HAVE MORE IN COMMON ONLINE THAN You THINK A Social Media Analysis :-( KEWL hate it That's sick Love it! GR8! We know what women want 365 days of data. 27 billion conversations. 2 sexes. 10 wants x 1O brands Forget shoes, diamonds and Brad Pitt THE */ THING WOMEN WANT IS... ICE CREAM! Starbucks lce Cream (2% Walmart Ice Cream 2% Skinny Cow 3% Magnum Ice Cream 4% Baskin Robbins 6% 7% Blue Bell Häagen-Dazs 7% Ben & Jerry's 11% 17% Cold Stone 41% Dairy Queen Guys: You can score extra points by buying their favorite brand! Actual Samples of What Women Say... WOW! I prefer Ice Cream over Sex!!!!!! MOST LOVED I have also fallen in love with Blue Bell MOST HATED Never buy Walmart vanilla ice cream it tastes horrrrrrrible WHO KNEW? I really want chocolate Starbucks ice cream. #favoritething ONLINE WOMEN'S FAVORITE FLAVORS? 29% 35% Chocolate Vanilla 36% Other Flavors The #1 Thing Men Want Is... Mercedes 7% Ford Mustang 7% 27% BMW 9% Honda 11% Toyota 9% A CAR! Food, electronics, even women (for some) take a back seat to the right car. Actual Samples of What Men Say... WOW! Cars are better than women MOST LOVED Mercedes Benz S500 is my favorite car ever. #simplicity NO ENTHUSIASM I am starting to like Ferrari Only model on the top 10 list NOT A PORSCHE? I want a GT Premium Mustang convertible. #dreamcar What Attracts Men to Cars? SENSORY INPUTS! Top 3 Themes are: #1 THE LOOK #3 THE SOUND SYSTEM #2 THE SMELL So much in common... TOp 10 SOCIAL WANTS LIST I WANT I WANT Ice Cream Car Car Pizza Pizza Ice Cream Chocolate Beer Cake Cookie Cookie Cake Coffee Phone Phone Pancake Sushi Chicken Pancake Bacon Note that the top 3 wants for both sexes are the same - only the order is different. 70% 80% FOOD! AND... of items on both lists are 10% 10% AND... When it comes to phones, men and women are the same LOVE BUZZ Evo iPhone Not in common... COMPARING LOVE Vs. Buzz By THE SEXES Women GUSH Men TALK 72% 68% of top 25 most-loved brands were women gushing of top 25 most-buzzed brands were men talking DIFFERENT YET THE SAME What about the 30% of the Top 10 wants that don't overlap between the sexes? They're still the same kind of food. WOMEN MEN DRINK DRINK Coffee Starbucks Beer Corona Kurig Bud Light FOOD Sushi FOOD Chicken Benihana KFC Nobu Chick-fil-A OMG! TREAT TREAT Chocolate Bacon Nutella Walmart Bacon Kit Kat Oscar Meyer THE SAME YET DIFFERENT W00000000.m For these 4 foods, 9 brands were the same and here is the 1 that was different: MEN Otis Spunkmeyer Blue Bunny WOMEN Godfather's Freschetta Pizza Pillsbury Skinny Cow Burger King Findus Cookies Ice Cream Pancakes It's Savory! WHAT WOMEN WANT! Brought to you by NetBase, the social intelligence company NETB^SE @NetBase ©2012 NetBase Inc. Nissan 6% Dodge 10% Ferrari 6% Chevy 9% the top 10 lists for the sexes overlap by

What Women Want

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This social media analysis by NetBase compiled data from top social networks. Can these trends provide some deeper insight into what women want?




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