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What is Search Engine Optimization?

WHAT IS SEARCH ΕNGINE ΘΡΤΙΜΙΖΑΤΙΟ The systematic improvement of a websites visibility within various search engines with the goal of increasing the volume of qualified visitors to a domain. Search engine optimization refers specifically to organic or natural rankings vs paid links that also appear on the search results pages. YOUR BRAND Search www.aaucom HOW DO I ACHIEVE HIGH RANKINGS? There are a number of technical details that determine your website's ranking, but here are the upper-level factors search engines look at when determining a website's positioning. WHAT YOU SAY YOUR WEBSITE IS ABOUT MY SITE IS... (COPYWRITING, INTERNAL LINKING, ON-PAGE SITE STRUCTURE AND LABELING, ETC) Everything from your URL to the filename you use on an image is recorded and synthesized to determine which keywords are the most related to what your website is about. If your site isn't properly optimized, the search crawlers will not index it properly, and your website will appear only partially relevant to a search or not at all. THAT SITE WHAT OTHERS SAY YOUR WEBSITE IS ABOUT IS... THAT SITE (HOW MANY QUALITY PEOPLE LINK TO YOU) 2 IS... The main way Google understands what others think your website is about is THAT SITE through the links that point to your domain. One of the highest valued pieces IS... of information used in the ranking process is the number of relevant, in-bound links pointing back to your website from other authoritative sources. THE LENGTH YOUR WEBSITE HAS BEEN INDEXED BY SEARCH. All measurements taken by the search engines are added together to determine how much trust should be give to your domain. Your site will gain a higher level of trust the longer it has been indexed within search for the same keywords. HOW LONG DO HIGH RANKINGS TAKE TO ACHIEVE? The length of time needed to rank a website for top keywords is determined by the competition within the site's niche. If you're in a developing market, chances are that excellent rankings can be seen relatively quickly with a smaller amount of overall investment. Conversely, the more established a niche, the more competitive it is and the longer it will take to penetrate. What metrics can I use to determine progress, benchmarking and justification to internal stakeholders? RANKING PROFILE AND NUMBER OF ONE-WAY IN-BOUND 1ST IMPROVEMENTS OVER TIME LINKS TO YOUR DOMAIN Within weeks of activating your SEO If you're starting with a new 10 campaigns and link building efforts, you'll notice that your domain may domain, your in-bound link Count YOUR SITE 50 should be zero. Map the increase in links over time to give internal still appear fairly low in the results. Benchmark the starting point and improvements over time. 500 stakeholders the progress that is 25,000' graph being made month over month. ORGANIC VISITOR ACQUISITION COST VS. PAID VISITOR ACQUISITION COST INCREASE IN ORGANIC TRAFFIC DISPLAYED IN A MONTH-BY-MONTH COMPARISON After preliminary rankings occur, organic traffic will start to trickle in, Organic will always cost more than paid traffic in the beginning, and you will start out with a negative ROI. As the chart below describes, the ROI of organic marketing pays out huge dividends in the long-run while paid visitor cost is constant over time and always requiring a PAGEVIEWS Vs. and over time, with the achievement of high ranking for popular keywords, that trickle will become a river. Create a month-by-month comparison of organic traffic increases, and be sure to track those increases back to ranking improvements for specific keywords. budget to drive traffic. What can I expect for ROI on organic marketing efforts? Long-Term Performance: Organic vs. Paid Campaign Activation Top Rankings Organic Cost Per Conversion COST CLICKS Pay Per Click Expected Clicks @ Fixed Cost Lower Maintenence Initial Search Results TIME Organic Performance

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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The systematic improvement of a websites visibility within various search engines with the goal of increasing the volume of qualified visitors to a domain. Search engine optimization refers specifical...



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